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R32 refrigerant filling method

by:Arkool     2020-06-18
R32 refrigerant normal charging method? 1, open cooling mode set at the highest wind speed and wind speed, 10 minutes after measuring outlet temperature, the lower the temperature, the better, it is generally believed 15 degrees higher than for the need to add refrigerant ( Outlet temperature will be change because of the weather is different, there is no standard of outlet temperature, the judge is in 8 - general experience 15 degrees. 2, the outlet with the eyes, the wind out of white mist, looks very cold, the actual temperature is not low, the effect is not good, actually this is a sign of refrigerant slightly insufficient, added a little bit of refrigerants. , 3, or looking at the connection of outdoor pipe joints, whether there is a phenomenon of frost freezes, if any, is also short of refrigerant, need to supplement; Normal air conditioning, thick two pipes are wet. 4, measuring the pressure of low pressure pipe, under the normal state of the air conditioning that decide frequency refrigeration pressure is 4. 5 - 5 kg pressure, if lower than this number, is said to add refrigerant. R32 refrigerant refrigeration system to the line filling method is the same with the average of R22. Note: r32 refrigerant filling inside to the refrigeration system method is commonly used r22 is the same with us, but it is flammable and explosive r32. Must be far away from the fire source can be filling. R32 filling time must let air conditioning don't work, otherwise it will damage the air conditioning, general air conditioning inside are using r22, but r32 belong to the type of flammable and explosive, need special attention in the process of filling away from the fire source, it is best under the condition of the air conditioning unit does not start running injectors.
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