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R32, r410a and r22 air conditioning refrigerant will explode? Why is this so?

by:Arkool     2020-06-19
Warm air conditioning refrigeration system is a common equipment in air conditioning use after a period of time or will need to add or replace air conditioning refrigerant, currently on the market there are three of the most common air conditioning refrigerant r32, r410a and r22. But rumours refrigerant will explode, is this true? Why is this so? Refrigerant the cause of explosion a: excessive pressure explosion reasons may be caused by excessive pressure. In general, internal cooling air conditioning system has clearly defined the required pressure, low pressure may cause cooling and heating effect is bad, but excessive pressure, the risk of explosion. Because there are frozen in the compressor oil, belong to the combustible gas, pressure is too high, the compressor shell burst in the air could have exploded. R22 refrigerant two: the cause of explosion flame and improper operation of air-conditioner now mostly frequency conversion air conditioning, refrigerant with R32 and R410 more, meet flame will explode, R32 refrigerant banned flame within 5 meters. And if it is a central air conditioning, oxygen into the compressor will be an explosion, and the air conditioning compressor has two valves, high and low voltage if only open a valve, and easy to explode. There is a kind of situation is if the circuit copper pipe welding to wear, ran out of refrigerant will be an explosion. Hong teacher introduction, the general air conditioning maintenance teacher knows how to operate, such accidents are mostly master negligence, careless operation. At present the cause of the accident is under investigation. R32, r410a refrigerant will explode? R32 should be in promoting the environmental protection department in recent years a refrigerant alternative models. Now almost no really start mass applications. Because this kind of refrigerant belongs to flammable items, there are a lot of problems has not been able to solve. Common before the GWP of refrigerant R22, R407C, R410A, The index of material to produce the greenhouse effect) High, belong to the environmental protection refrigerants, damage to the climate has a certain effect. 1, R32 is refrigerants, a new refrigerants, frequency conversion air conditioning with BP letters on models, with ZBP is dc frequency conversion air conditioning, ordinary on the constant speed air conditioning type, there is no this two letters. 2, R32 refrigerants belongs to flammable, explosive refrigerant; If air conditioning refrigerant happened more in a short time the amount of leakage, and stuck in a certain space, or have a certain risk. If possible, do not suggest to buy the use of this type of air conditioning of refrigerant. Above is about r32, r410a and r22, these three kinds of air conditioning refrigerant will be the cause of the explosion of solutions, easy to cool our friendship remind everybody, in the process of adding refrigerants, don't smoke, choose to have the construction permit of the mechanic, strict operation as required.
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