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R290 refrigerant will dominate the new future of air conditioning refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-08-07

3 - 1 14:31:32 state grid in shandong easy cool chemical co. , LTD.  Refrigeration letters on February 29, this special day once every four years, for the air conditioning industry is also very special, because it may be related to the real environmental protection air conditioning in a wide range of market get recognition and promotion. On this day in 2016 in shenzhen, China, is undergoing a & other; The asia-pacific region environment friendly alternative technology seminar room air conditioner industry & throughout; , this seminar by the environmental protection department of environmental protection cooperation center ( MEP/FECO) , the United Nations environment programme ( UNEP) Hosted, shenzhen living environment committee, the meeting will last four days, aims to further advance the room air conditioner industry as obsolete, promote the development of environment friendly alternative technologies, solve industry technology and popularization of combustible agent substitutes facing obstacles, agency officials from 28 countries in the asia-pacific region and the related staff of more than 100 people attended the conference. 

 Room air conditioner industry environment friendly alternative technologies application in the asia-pacific region workshop photo R290 as a kind of environmentally friendly refrigerant, there is no doubt that became the protagonist of the meeting. According to experts, the R290 propane, as a kind of natural hydrocarbon working medium, with zero ODP ( Ozone depletion QianZhi) 、GWP( Global warming ozeme depletion potential) Very low characteristic, in the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, can be used as an ideal replacement of HCFCs refrigerant materials. 

 But as a kind of combustible material, used in home air conditioning is becoming a hot spot of the meeting to discuss security factors. The Ministry of Public Security fire research institute of tianjin net report pointed out that they had earlier affects the safety of R290 air conditioning after being ignited the field testing, in the video demonstration experiment of ignition air conditioner in all sorts of combustion, the meeting reached a climax. Tianjin fire research institute through the contrast experiment of hundreds of concluded that R290 household air conditioners leaked extreme cases, however, encountered in the process of leakage fire explosion, and indoor machine to form continuous ignition burning, the process of high temperature smoke, the biggest injuries; And in the case of the fire ignites indoor machine, also can produce a lot of smoke, high temperature, but the main source is the burning of indoor machine itself, and not too much refrigerant. This experiment process and the present conclusion, once triggered a lot of the representatives for the experimental rigor, but in the end we reached a consensus on these aspects: first, they think, in the home air conditioning R290 perfusion amount does not exceed 500 g, the possibility of an explosion at a little, with reliable technical support, the safety of R290 air conditioning is much higher than that of liquefied petroleum gas as fuel quality; Second, R290 even burning, and generate only no toxicity of carbon dioxide and water, will not appear as HFCs refrigerant combustion products produce harm to human body. 

 So, R290 flammability does not become a room air conditioner refrigerant of obstacles. Meeting is another climax of R290 air-conditioning installation and maintenance service training work. From Gree Electric Appliances, inc.  of Zhuhai Xu Chen share the Gree of R290 room air conditioner installation and maintenance personnel training experience, and covers the theory and practice courses, the specification of technical operation and matters needing attention in installation and maintenance, etc. , got pay close attention to the participants. Many foreign delegates expressed curiosity for installation and maintenance of field training, believed to be crucial, but the execution is very difficult, gree representatives expressed during the seminar agenda, will enter the enterprises and training center field, give you a real answer. 

 Seminar also discussed current R290 each part of the air conditioning in market size and the progress on production line, including domestic, our country has completed the transformation of the 9 R290 production line 11 production lines is under renovation, in terms of training, the domestic has now been established 19 R290 air conditioning training center, shenzhen area, only get R290 air-conditioning maintenance qualification certification of maintenance personnel has reached 2600; In the international market, India since 2012, the total sales of more than 200000 sets of R290 air conditioning, the maldives gree in the production of a batch of R290 air conditioning has been running smoothly for 5 years, in the case of do not make any maintenance measures did not happen any safety problem, and the Germany international cooperation agency ( GIZ)· Dr Colbourne also said the eu countries for R290 air conditioning is also welcome. In different countries and regions, on behalf of the focus of R290 air conditioning, through the communication meeting, discuss the R290 air conditioning in the actual production technology, marketing, installation and maintenance, etc.  Various circumstances are faced with the problem and its solution. This view, R290 room air conditioner in the development of internal and external obstacles are clear. The meeting brought the R290 air conditioning the new development opportunity, also become an important opportunity, air conditioning line of international cooperation at the back of the conference will continue to clear the way for the development of R290 air conditioning. Way more than difficult forever, if it is a correct road to reload more, after the obstacles is & other; Moat allows & throughout; 。 HCs refrigerant as environmentally friendly material, is seen as the next generation of refrigerants. Believe that R290 as room air conditioner industry environment friendly alternative technologies of choice, will continue to improve, in the more practice to a broader market.
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