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R22 refrigerant dominated prices have continued to rise space

by:Arkool     2020-08-04
Field of fluorine refrigerant used more and more widely in our country at present, mainly in household air conditioner, central air conditioner, automobile air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerator, etc used in the mass consumers. One of the most popular four varieties: refrigerant R410a and R22 refrigerant, everything refrigerants, R32 refrigerants, prices and all aspects of the gains, of course, also is the focus on the industry. Refrigerant R22 as one of the largest model usage in fluorine refrigerant, price from November 2013 - In November 2014, the current mainstream manufacturers offer factory is controlled in 14000 yuan/ton, according to market research condition, some dealers have already prepared to inventory, at a big advantage. Is expected to R22 refrigerant in March next year will continue to rise.
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