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R22 refrigerant alternatives must have requirements

by:Arkool     2020-07-13
Before we are banned from using refrigerant R22, we must find the suitable alternative refrigerants, and is suitable for the environmental protection refrigerants used to replace R22 refrigerant must possess the following basic requirements. 1, used to replace R22 refrigerant must be environmental protection refrigerants. That is the alternative refrigerants ozone-depleting potential ODP value must be less than 0. 1, global warming potential GWP relative to R22 refrigerant must be very small. 2, refrigerant R22 alternative refrigerants must have good thermal performance. Moderate pressure on the alternative refrigerants, refrigeration efficiency is high, and has good affinity with lubricating oil. 3, must be feasible alternative refrigerants. In addition to easy to large-scale industrial production, the price is acceptable, also requires its toxicity must conform to the requirements of the occupational health, no bad effect to human body. So far, there has been much used to replace the refrigerant R22 environmental protection refrigerants, such as refrigerant R410A refrigerant, R404A, but these alternatives are not perfect, in front of the forbidden fluorine plan, consumers still looking forward to more perfect R22 refrigerant alternatives.
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