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R114 and R507 refrigerants properties and its application

by:Arkool     2020-07-05
To introduce to you today r114 refrigerants and R507 refrigerants related content. As before, we are here to introduce their features and application range. Welcome attention: first, the characteristics and application of refrigerant r114 range 1, r114 refrigerant is a kind of refrigeration capacity, high cooling speed and so on the excellent cooling performance of low temperature refrigerating agent; 2, r114 refrigerants is mainly used in refrigerator and low temperature refrigeration compressor and so on low temperature condition of the refrigerant; 3, r114 refrigerant is a kind of mixed refrigerant, he is the R125 refrigerant and R143 refrigerants shall, according to the proportion. It is a kind of not destroy ozone environmental protection refrigerants. Are often used to low temperature in the commercial refrigeration system. 4, r114 refrigerant molecular weight is 111. 6, its molecular weight is 111. 6 g/mol, critical temperature is 80 ℃, critical pressure is 3. 9 mpa, the critical density is 0. 5668 g/cm3, its boiling point is - 45. 6℃; Second, R507 refrigerant features and application scope of 1, as well as refrigerant R404A, R507 refrigerant is used to replace r114® refrigerants, but R507 temperature lower than 404 a reach, the mole percentage of R125 accounting for 41. Accounts for 184%, R143A 58. 816%. 2, R507 refrigerants is suitable for low temperature of new commercial refrigeration equipment, quality assurance and mobile refrigeration equipment and Marine refrigeration equipment, etc. R114 applicable to all refrigeration environment can use R507, R507 also can be used as foam foaming agent, used to replace R12; 3, R507 refrigerants of HFC - again The boiling point of 507, its molecular weight is 99, the standard is - 46. Ask 71 ℃ 8 ℃, critical temperature; 4, the critical pressure of refrigerant R507 is 3. 7MPa( Absolute pressure) The critical density of 0. 488g/cm3; 5, the CAS number is 354 - 33 - 6/420 - 46 - 2, the potential for the destruction of the ozone in the ODP is 0, global warming coefficient GWP for 3985; About r114 and R507 refrigerants properties and their use is to introduce the finished, late easy cool continue to introduce the other related content. Welcome to continue to pay attention!
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