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Power compensation capacitor can and take on the alternating current (ac)?

by:Arkool     2020-09-03
Easy to cool, as one of the production of capacitor manufacturers, in this paper can power compensation capacitor and meet this problem before on alternating current (ac), the effect of parallel compensation capacitor, the first to tell you about it is the main purpose of compensation capacitors for reactive power compensation, decrease the apparent current to improve the power factor, reduce loss, improve the active power of power equipment. 1, in principle, motor and other electric equipment need to establish a magnetic field at work, establish is inductive current, magnetic field need phase lag voltage 90 degrees, belongs to the reactive current. After the capacitor is connected to the power line, its current leading voltage 90 degrees, current through the capacitor so needed to establish the magnetic field with electric equipment reactive current phase, on the other hand, can offset each other, Compensation) To reduce the total current. Proper reactive power compensation should be appropriate to choose the size of the capacitor, using basic are all the compensation of reactive current of electric equipment. 2, from another point of view, parallel compensation capacitor reactive power compensation, understandable for capacitor for electrical equipment for reactive current, so as to reduce the burden of power lines, transformer and generator. Then tell the principle of reactive power compensation under the power of the output power includes two parts; One is the active power; Second, the reactive power. Direct electric consumption, convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, heat energy, chemical energy or sound energy, can make use of these work, this power is called active power; Don't waste electricity; Just convert electrical energy to another form of energy, this can be used as the essential condition of electrical equipment can work, and this can be in the power grid and electricity periodically conversion, this part is called the reactive power, power, such as electromagnetic components to establish a magnetic field takes up electricity, capacitors have set up places of electricity. Current work in inductive element, the current ahead of voltage is 90 ℃. Work in the cell capacity and current, current hysteresis voltage 90 ℃. In the same circuit, the inductive current and capacitive current in the opposite direction, each 180 ℃. If have disproportionately in the electromagnetic component circuit element installed capacity, make the current offset each other, make current vector and the Angle between the voltage vector, so as to improve the ability of energy work, this is the reason of reactive power compensation.
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