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Power capacitor, the capacitor manufacturer, capacitor price

by:Arkool     2020-09-01
There are a lot of capacitor manufacturers to supply high quality capacitor products, but the capacitor will exist some faults in the operation of the problem, today we will tell you something about dangdang power capacitor failure should be how to deal with? First, we need to analysis of the failure of power capacitor and several kinds of cases: ( 1) When the capacitor spray fire, explosion, shall be immediately disconnect the power supply, and sand or dry fire extinguisher extinguishing. Such accidents are due to the system of internal and external overvoltage, internal serious fault caused by the capacitor. In order to prevent such accidents, requires a single fuse fuse specification must match, the fuse blown fuse after carefully to find the reason, capacitor Banks shall not use the reclosing, after the trip may not be strong power, so as not to cause more damage accident. ( 2) Capacitor circuit breaker tripped, and shunt fuse fuse fusing. Deal with capacitor discharge after 3 min, then check the circuit breaker, current transformer, power cable and the external capacitor, and so on and so forth. If no abnormalities are found, it may be caused by external fault or busbar voltage fluctuation, and after checking normal, can be Fielding drills, otherwise should further be a protection of electric test. Through the above check and test, if still can not find out the reason, should open capacitor Banks, and one by one check experiment was carried out. Try before but did not find out the reason, shall not be put into operation. ( 3) When the capacitor fuse blown fuse, should report to the on-duty dispatcher, after being agreed upon, then disconnect capacitors circuit breaker. After cut off the power and the capacitor discharge, undertake external inspection first, such as casing external presence of flashover traces, casing deformation, oil spills and grounding device do you have any short circuit, etc. , and then use the shake table test electrode insulation and pole to ground insulation resistance. If no fault signs are found, can continue running after changing the fuse fuse. If after sending the fuse fuse fusing, still should quit the capacitor, and recovery for the rest of the transmission.
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