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by:Arkool     2020-09-02
Easy cool is a company specializing in the production of air conditioning capacitor, running capacitor, startup capacitor, fan capacitor, such as reactive power compensation capacitor power capacitor manufacturing enterprises. Today's main bring is self-healing type parallel capacitor main technical indicators. 1, rated voltage: 0. 23 ~ 11. 14 kv; 2, rated capacity: 1 ~ 60 kvar; 3, rated frequency 50 hz / 60 hz; 4, capacitance deviation: - 2 ~ + 5%; 5, active loss: 1 or less. 2W/kvar ; 6, electrode voltage strength: 2. 15 UN 10 seconds; 7, the highest overvoltage: 1. 1Un ; 8, the maximum allowable overcurrent: 1. 3在; 9, self-discharge characteristics: residual voltage power capacitor after 3 minutes from the Un fell to below 50 v; 10, executive standard: GB/T12747 - 2004,IEC 60831- 2002; Installation and operation note 1, installation and maintenance should be performed by a qualified personnel; 2, before the operation, must cut off the equipment power supply; 3, disconnect interval after next time should be keep in 3 minutes, before touching the capacitor used a insulation wire poles of capacitor discharge, More than 30 mm should be maintained between 4, capacitors, capacitor cabinet put oneself in another's position should be reserved enough ventilation space, and need to install in a well-ventilated place.
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