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Popular science: There were cold drinks to cool the heat in ancient times without refrigerators

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

Summer is here, people in the streets and alleys are eating popsicles, ice cream, soda and beer, everyone is enjoying the refreshing pleasure brought by cold drinks. We can't help thinking, 'Is the use of cold drinks only a blessing that modern people can have?' In fact, the ancients used their extraordinary wisdom to store ice cubes for summer to enjoy.

As early as three thousand years ago in the Shang Dynasty, our country began to use the most primitive method to make ice. The 'Book of Songs' records: rich people let slaves chisel ice and store it in cellars in winter , Wait for the next summer to eat.

In the Western Zhou Dynasty, there appeared 'Ling Ren' who was exclusively in charge of 'Ice Power'. The 'Ling Ren' was appointed by the court and was responsible for the production of cold drinks. It fully shows that cold drinks were very precious at that time. In the late spring and autumn, the fragrant and cool iced rice wine was loved by princes from all over the world and became the mainstream drink at large banquets at that time.

Because ice cubes were extremely precious at the time, for more convenient and long-lasting storage, the Zhou Dynasty people invented the 'ice JianRefrigerator.

It was not until the Yuan Dynasty that cold drink products had new breakthroughs. When Marco Polo came to China, he was rewarded by Kublai Khan, the ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, and happily tasted the royal cold drink 'ice cheese' (which is made from juice, milk, ice cubes, etc.). Marco Polo sighed The deliciousness of 'ice cheese' has brought its production technology back to Italy. In order to enjoy the deliciousness of this world, the Italians kept the 'ice cheese' production technology strictly secret for three hundred years. It was later bought by the French at a high price, and finally passed to the United Kingdom. In the end, the British reformed it to produce the 'ice cream' that we often eat today.

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