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Popular science knowledge of freon

by:Arkool     2020-07-28
A lot of people know freon is through what way, air conditioning, the refrigerator? I think this should be a few people awareness of freon purpose, of course, there is the 'greenhouse effect' on the one hand, early freon is classified as the cause of the greenhouse effect the culprit, the vast majority of people understanding of freon should start from here. Now, more than 20 years past believe that many people still stay at the time. In fact is more than just these, the advantages of more or it far is big too it's harm. And environmental protection freon, now also is constantly make new breakthroughs, to learn more about the below! The most widely used of freon R12 (early Also known as the refrigerant R12, the following 'freon' replace by 'refrigerant') Has now been phased out because of the dangers. Then the rise of R22 refrigerant. The most widely used refrigerants is 13 years ago. Freon's rising in recent years, optimization. Currently the most widely used are environmental friendly refrigerant R410A. Freon is currently the most widely used. The general air conditioners, refrigerators, are used in a lot of families use to the refrigerator. Automotive air conditioning will choose everything refrigerants. Alongside R507, R600A, R407C, R408A, including industrial use R141b, R142b,? And R23 have been pushing the old new. All kinds of refrigerants are made to distinguish the different USES. Also through the different packing specifications to meet the various needs. Environmentally friendly refrigerant continuously research and development, to the greenhouse effect, and the pollution of the components in smaller and smaller. Truly zero pollution, and does not affect the normal use of refrigerants.
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