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Popular Science: Air Conditioning-One of the Greatest Inventions in Human History

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

At present, people seem to be more and more inseparable from air conditioning, especially in the extreme heat of summer, but because of it, whether it is at home, supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, or our cars, Wherever people go, there is a refreshing feeling of 'cool breeze'. Who gave us such a comfortable era? That is the 'father of air conditioning'-Willis Carrier.

Willis Haviland Carrier (Willis Haviland Carrier), American, was born in New York State in November 1876. He died of a heart attack at the age of 74 in October 1950. He laid the basic theory of air-conditioning design technology, and his 'reasonable humidity formula' created a new stage of scientific design of air-conditioners. To commemorate the great invention of air conditioning that changed human life, the United States displayed the first centrifugal air conditioner manufactured by Carrier in 1922 at the National Museum in Washington. Willis Carrier is known as the 'Father of Air Conditioning'.

Willis Carrier, after graduating from Cornell University at the age of 24, worked for the Buffalo Forge Company, which makes heating systems, as a mechanical engineer. In the summer of 1901, the air in New York was hot and humid, and the production of Sackett Williams Printing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn, New York City was greatly affected by the hot and humid air. Vague; therefore, the printing and publishing company approached the Buffalo Metallurgical Company, seeking a device that can adjust the air temperature and humidity. The Buffalo Forge Company assigned this task to Carrier, a young engineer with a strong research spirit. Carrier thought: Pipes full of steam can warm the surrounding air, so replace the steam with cold water and blow the air through the water-cooled coil, the surroundings will not be cooler; while the moisture in the humid air will condense into water droplets. The drops of water drip, and what is left is colder, drier air. Based on this idea, Carrier, through practice, installed this self-designed equipment for the Sackett Williams Printing and Publishing Company on July 17, 1902, and achieved good results. The world’s first air The conditioning system (referred to as the air conditioner) is thus produced. It is worth mentioning that in the first 20 years after the invention of the air conditioner, the object of enjoying the air conditioner has always been machinery and equipment, not individuals, mainly for printing factories and textile factories.

In 1915, Carrier and 6 friends raised US$320,000 to establish the Carrier Company (Chinese translation of Carrier Company), which manufactures air-conditioning equipment. In 1922, the company successfully developed milestone products one by one. Since then, the efficiency of air-conditioning has been greatly improved, and the adjustment space has been unprecedentedly increased. Humans have become the object of air-conditioning services. Sensational events have occurred one after another: Carrier installed air-conditioning for the Hudson Department Store in Detroit in 1924; Central air-conditioning was installed for the Rivoli Theatre in New York in the year. Since the installation of air-conditioning in the mall, customers' mood for shopping in the summer has been greatly improved, and sales have soared. After the central air-conditioning was installed in the theater, the crowds and the cool and comfortable environment completely conquered the audience. In the next five years, Carrier delivered coolness to more than 300 shopping malls and theaters, and the air conditioner entered an era of rapid development. Air-conditioning was installed in the United States Congress in 1928. Air-conditioning was installed in the White House in 1929. Air-conditioning began to enter airplanes in 1936. Air-conditioned cars began to appear in 1939. In 1962, the first set of heating and cooling air-conditioning was used in space.

Carrier launched the first generation of household air conditioners in 1928. The popularization of household air conditioners was interrupted by World War II until World War II. Over, with the economic take-off in the 1950s, household air conditioners entered millions of households in more developed countries. After my country's reform and opening up, the economy developed rapidly, and air conditioners also entered millions of households. Today, when air conditioning equipment is highly developed, we sincerely thank Willis Carrier for his great invention for all mankind!


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