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Physical properties of new refrigerant and an introduction to the related knowledge of chemistry -

by:Arkool     2020-07-19
Today system for everybody to introduce new refrigerant physical properties and chemical properties and the use of new refrigerant air conditioning cold storage refrigeration equipment in the process of installation and maintenance matters needing attention and main points: one, the new refrigerant physical properties should satisfy the following conditions 1, system of evaporating pressure must be higher than the atmospheric pressure, if once the new refrigerant evaporating pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, will cause the air into the refrigeration system, may result in system failure, so if you want to ensure that new refrigerant low temperature evaporation, must first guarantee the evaporating pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure; 2, the latent heat of evaporation cooling system should be enough big, under normal circumstances within a certain range of the latent heat of evaporation of refrigerant, the greater the more calories means the same amount of refrigerant; 3, keep cold media higher critical temperature and under normal circumstances, the refrigerant of the critical temperature is higher, means that the higher the temperature of the refrigerant condensation, also means that you can use normal temperature air or water to cool make its condense into liquid refrigerant; 4, maintain system condensing pressure in low status, the system of low condensing pressure means that in the condition of low pressure can easily make the refrigerant liquid, refrigeration compressor compression ratio is small, so can effectively reduce the workload of refrigeration's compressor; 5, choose the cold media need to have the characteristics of the solidification temperature low, because refrigerant freezing point is lower, can effectively avoid the inside of the evaporator refrigerant system caused by the blockage of solidification; 6, gaseous refrigerant volume than as small as possible, because in the case of low gaseous refrigerant volume ratio, the volume of refrigeration compressor compression cost will accordingly decrease, and the cooling pipe also can choose smaller models, thus achieve the purpose of cost savings; 7, in a liquid state when the density of refrigerant, the higher the better, mainly because the greater the density of liquid refrigerant, is the smaller the diameter of the cooling pipe can be, is also an effective way to save costs; 8, the refrigerant used for frozen oil had higher solubility and solubility job can avoid using the oil separator, namely save costs and save time; Second, the chemical properties of new refrigerant should satisfy the points: 1, the stability: refrigerant must have high chemical stability, generally refrigerant evaporation temperature are two changes as the change of environmental temperature, such as evaporation temperature of the cold water machine at about 0 5 degrees Celsius, in the process of refrigerant cycle, can only change the physical, and chemical reactions will not occur. 2, non corrosive, refrigerant must be no corrosive environmentally friendly refrigerant, such as ammonia for copper quality have larger corrosion, therefore in ammonia refrigeration system will not be able to use the copper tube; Ammonia refrigeration system also cannot use the closed refrigeration compressor, lest cause corrosion and failure; 3, non polluting: currently, all countries on the requirements of environmental protection is strict, so the use of refrigerant must be environmental protection, no damage to the natural and the ozone layer, and so on, and must be pay attention to the greenhouse effect; 4, combustion and explosive, and toxic as serious, therefore need to pay attention to.
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