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Only blowing air conditioning not refrigeration

by:Arkool     2020-07-07
Sorching summer, is a very good summer air conditioning and refrigeration system, especially in the south, if there is no air conditioning is unable to work, study and life, because the summer is very hot in the south, as long as the move, really sweat, so the whole summer basic it is spent in air conditioning room. The cause of the air conditioning blow not only refrigeration? The need to analyze the professional chefs, otherwise not professional people for no reason, together and see how long air conditioning refrigerant plus a below, add how much money a freon and air conditioning. One is not the cause of the refrigeration, air conditioning only blowing hot summer, air conditioning equipment is a very good summer, won't make you feel how hot in the summer, but air conditioning use time is long, only blowing air conditioning not refrigeration, feel indoor is very hot, the following together see air conditioning blowing cooling not only what is going on. The solution: 1, remote control problems of remote control no problem? Is no problem, you can turn on the air conditioning power use remote control to open to see whether can open, if can't open, just check your power supply is normal, normal, then determine your circuit board has a problem. 2, model error solution: if you have a chance to start, wind host start, look at your remote control is transferred to the refrigeration there, you take it to the refrigeration there is ok. 3, the snow kind of not enough solution: if you have a chance to start, wind host start, can you check whether there is the snow kind of? No words and snow, but check if there is a leak before and snow kind of snow, missing it is ok to make it better. 4, compressor failure solution: check your compressor for start, if not, ask professionals to help solve. 5, indoor and outdoor temperature is too high the environment temperature is high, the indoor personnel and more air conditioner load volume, export to blow out of the wind is cold, but the room temperature drop doesn't, it's not failure. When the environment temperature is higher than 33 ℃, outside infiltration heat increase, increases the air conditioner refrigeration load; If the room number is more, such as 20 square meters room 2500 w refrigerating capacity, if there are sitting stationary 10 people in the room. 6, the machine installation location solution: poor poor installation location, can cause indoor temperature uneven or refrigeration effect is poor, this need to adjust the air conditioner installation location. 7, condenser dirty jams solution: regular cleaning of air conditioner condenser and evaporator coil. Can use the brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the coil. Pay attention to when cleaning brush and vacuum cleaners should be along the vertical direction of the coil pipe cleaning, do not clean along the horizontal direction, so as not to touch bad coil finned.
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