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On the choice of refrigerant refrigerator

by:Arkool     2020-06-29
Cold storage, regardless of the cold storage, preservation refrigerator, medicine, cold storage, frozen cold storage, the refrigerant as a quite important link, is indispensable. Today is cool refrigeration we detailed introduce for you about the choice of refrigerant refrigerator. A, thermodynamics requirements 1, lower boiling point, low evaporation temperature can be obtained. At the same time, the low boiling point of the refrigerant has higher vapor pressure. 2, higher critical temperature and setting temperature. Higher critical temperature and setting temperature is lower, in order to make sure the refrigerant in a wider temperature range of security. 3, refrigerant should have appropriate pressure. Refrigerants evaporating pressure close to or slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, avoid the refrigeration system of low pressure area increases with a vacuum air mixed system. Too much pressure on condensation. Low condensing pressure can reduce the intensity of refrigeration equipment, pipeline and construction requirements, reduce construction investment of cooling system and the possibility of refrigerant leak outward. Pressure on the condensing pressure and evaporation pressure ratio and pressure difference is small. 4, refrigerant latent heat of vaporization. Refrigeration system in the same refrigerating effect, the latent heat of vaporization large can reduce the amount of refrigerant cycle. It can also reduce the refrigerating machine, the equipment investment, lower energy consumption, improve the refrigeration efficiency. 5, for a large refrigeration system, the unit volume of refrigerant required refrigerating capacity as large as possible. When the refrigerating effect must be so, can decrease the amount of refrigerant cycle, reduce the size of the refrigerating machine and the pipe diameter. But for small refrigeration system, which requires the refrigerating capacity is small, the unit volume that can be appropriately increase refrigerant channel section, reduce the flow resistance. 6, smaller refrigerant adiabatic index. So can make the compression work to reduce consumption, exhaust temperature, improve performance and simplify the system design. 7, for centrifugal compressor, relative molecular mass should be adopted for the moderate refrigerants. Because of the relative molecular mass can increase each level step-up ratio, pressure ratio of the system must have, can reduce the compression series. In addition, most of the material under the boiling vaporization, the molar bean similar increases. So the similar to the boiling point of refrigerants, high relative molecular mass, the latent heat of vaporization is small. 8, coefficient of thermal conductivity. This can increase the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchange equipment, reduce the heat transfer area of the heat exchange equipment. Second, the physical and chemical requirements 1, smaller refrigerant viscosity, viscosity of refrigerant, reduce the flow resistance in the system, reduce consumption of refrigeration system pipe diameter. Viscosity also can increase the heat transfer performance of the refrigerant. The purity of 2, refrigerant, chooses demanded by all the soluble impurities as refrigerant in the refrigerant has certain water imbibition, when the refrigerant into little water at low temperatures to produce ice jam and affect the normal work of the refrigeration system. 3, better thermal and chemical stability of refrigerant, the heat is not easy to decompose, refrigerant mixed with oil and water phase on the corrosion of metal materials should not have obvious effect, the swelling of refrigerating machine sealing material should also be as small as possible. 4, refrigerant soluble oily show is completely dissolved, micro dissolve and completely insoluble. When the refrigerant and frozen oil completely generic solution, lubrication for part to create a good condition, not easily formed on the surface of the condenser and other heat exchanger heat transfer oil film, akira heat transfer effect is good. But will raise the evaporation temperature of refrigerant, refrigeration oil under low temperature is reduced, will cause the refrigerant boiling bubble increase, when the liquid level in evaporator is not stable and the runtime of the refrigerator increases fuel consumption, the system back to oil is not easy. When the refrigerant and frozen oil smelting completely is not clear, the evaporating temperature of refrigeration system is affected, but in the heat exchanger heat transfer surface transfigure and affect the heat transfer oil film. The advantages and disadvantages of micro dissolve in oil refrigerant between the above two. 5, the action of refrigerants for coil insulation material as small as possible, in the semi-enclosed and totally enclosed chiller, compressor motor coil not only requires direct contact with refrigerant, refrigeration oil cooling punishment has good electrical insulation, at the same time also require refrigerants in coil insulation as small as possible. Three, security requirements 1, refrigerant in the operating temperature range shall not combustion, explosion and must use some inflammable, explosive refrigerant must have safety measures for fire and explosion prevention. 2, refrigerant should be non-toxic or low toxic, relatively good security, refrigerant the toxicity, combustibility and explosive are evaluation index of refrigerant safety degree, the degree of all countries require a minimum safety standards. 3, choose easy leakage of refrigerant, because some refrigerants with certain toxic and dangerous, for the choice of refrigerant should have the characteristics of easy rule, in order to ensure safety operation. 4, choose no damage to the health of human body, without excitant odour refrigerants, one thousand leakage of refrigerant, when in contact with food for food will not change color, and will not be polluted and damaged tissue. Air conditioning refrigerant manage not damaging the health of human body, without excitant odour. Four, impact on the environment requirements, a new study has found some chemicals may have an impact on the global environment, has caused the attention of the international community. The choice of refrigerant should meet the following requirements: ( 1) In a lower life expectancy in the atmosphere. ( 2) Potential damage to the ozone layer effect. ( 3) Potential global greenhouse effect. ( 4) No fog creates reaction, the impact on the atmosphere, water and soil, etc. Five, economy requirements ( 1) Production technology of refrigerant to simple, lower production cost. ( 2) Refrigerant is cheap and easy. Because there are so many types of refrigerant, the nature difference is very big, there is no such thing as an ideal refrigerant that accords with a requirement completely. When the choice should be considered according to the practical situation.
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