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Now how is the development trend of environmental protection refrigerants, Synthetic natural working substance or development? ) Supercritical circulating development present situation and application prospects

by:Arkool     2020-03-28
< p> the CFC refrigerants destructive to the environment, the new environmental protection refrigerants development direction is toward which direction? Supercritical loop applied when applying carbon dioxide do working medium, the prospects, the advantage of supercritical loop? < / p> < p> new refrigerant in different mixing ratio of the existing general refrigerants to achieve low to meet the requirements of future policy ozone 'potential and Global Warming potential cycle efficiency at the same time consistent with the existing refrigerants on or close to. ', according to the requirements of the specific use of all kinds of properties, such as flammability, capacity, exhaust gas temperature and efficiency into consideration, tailored synthesis. '< / p> about natural refrigerants, the difficulty is obviously better and more efficient in the design cycle and improve the efficiency of cycle of the equipment. Carbon cycle in the thermal efficiency and the system has the advantages on compactness, is a development trend of future automotive air conditioning, Japan's co2 heat pump water heater also has certain market. And as the natural working substance completely free from contamination. But the downside is also very significant, the pressure is too high, there is a certain risk, high strength and tightness requirements of pipe material; And cycle efficiency is lower than the commonly used refrigerants, need through the use of ejector recycling swelling kinetic energy is likely to close, but technology is not mature at present. In fact, carbon dioxide as refrigerant has experienced several ups and downs in history, the future is to become the ultimate solution or again in limbo, remains to be seen. In recent years, supermarket freezers application of co2 as a working medium is slowly gain recognition. The value of this solution is not only reflected in the carbon dioxide is completely on the environment pollution-free natural working substance, more valuable is that it actually has the economy. Supermarket freezers because of its large scale and great capacity coolant, refrigerant leakage caused by refrigerant considerable cost. And carbon dioxide as accessible natural working substance relative to other man-made refrigerants price difference is obvious, so this scenario in a big supermarket, the use of the co2 system can save a lot of refrigerants. Believe that later will have more and more supermarket freezers and cold storage to use co2 laser. < p> < / p>
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