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Mixed refrigerant will challenge the R600a and R290 refrigeration efficiency

by:Arkool     2020-06-30
Recently, researchers have identified many refrigerant mixtures in small refrigeration system cooling efficiency is higher than the pure hydrocarbons. The current isobutane ( R600a) Has replaced everything become the main household refrigerator/freezer refrigerants, and propane ( R290) Has become an independent environmental preferred commercial refrigeration equipment. Especially in Europe, the F - Gas regulations ( 517/2014) Prohibited in small capacity of refrigeration system using the GWP ( Global warming potential) Values greater than 150 refrigerants. In addition to very low GWP value, hydrocarbon refrigerants is famous for its low efficiency. Although these gases meets all the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, but so far to improve this kind of refrigerant performance research is less. Have data to estimate, the world more than 1. 5 billion hydrocarbon refrigerator accounted for about two of the world's electricity consumption. 6%. Scientists at the university of haimen from Spain I now found: add a small amount of refrigerant mixture formation, in theory can provide more efficient for R600a and R290 choice. The team studied 110880 kind of refrigerant mixtures, and R600a and R290 refrigerants thermodynamic evaluation. The study is used for blending of refrigerants R290 ( Propane) 、R600a( Isobutane) 、R600( Butane) 、R1270( Propylene) ,R32 R152a R1234yf R1234ze ( E) , R1233zd and R744 ( Carbon dioxide) , and the experiment considers only the most blend containing three components. Any potential blend refrigerant biggest GWP value is set to 150, in the evaporator allow maximum effective slip for 10 k. The researchers insist that, obviously compared with small pure hydrocarbons in the system, some of the refrigerant mixture may be increased slightly COP ( The refrigeration coefficient) 。 However, they acknowledged the need for experimental verification, in order to make sure that the identification of the real possibility of the mixture.
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