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March 15, refrigerant products how to impact?

by:Arkool     2020-07-13
Is the annual '3 · 15' international consumer rights day, there will be a batch problem product, enterprise and the media has to be revealed. Because of commercial interests drive, every industry has some problems products, enterprises, refrigeration industry, too. , to them or fake brands, or but a sin or shoddy, or false advertising, in short, disrupting the market, the damage to the user, not shame by industry, was hated by the user. In this special day, or, and have a talk with you about the 'fake' of those things. In general, some refrigerants in the interests of the enterprise in order to seek more often and make an issue of packing products. Whether customers or dealers in related refrigeration products of choose and buy, be sure to polish eyes purchase suitable products. 'So how do we identify refrigerants of true and false? The fake refrigerant industry basically has the following several ways: a, pretend to be well-known brands at home and abroad. Second, the quality is not up to the standard optimal acura. Three, all raw material ACTS as a good raw material. Fourth, quality. Five, with cheap corrosion refrigerant methyl chloride, dimethyl ether mixed refrigerant R22, R410a raw materials. Sixth, the packaging of R22 raw material filling to R410a. Seven, the lower price in the mixed refrigerant R410a R32 medium scale increase, the price higher R125 raw material is reduced, the above links are easy to fraud. 'Rampant counterfeiting dealers area mainly concentrated in zhejiang and guangzhou, zhejiang is given priority to with fake, guangzhou is given priority to with fakes, guangzhou, the number of fake or even 80% of the country. 'The personage inside course of study without obscure points out. We can through the following points can mainly will discern the true and false of the refrigerant: first is the price. If the refrigerant is lower than the market price is too much, then beware of is fake product. The second is dose and stress. Guaranteed authentic refrigerant dose, fake refrigerant mostly to tank filled with other cheap refrigerants, and cutting corners, dose is insufficient, such as, the pressure of refrigerant R12 relative everything, normally will be lower 1 - About 2 kg. Finally through the refrigerant appearance packaging identification. Authentic refrigerant brands and manufacturers, and so on signs and certification, and counterfeit refrigerants are 'get' in English. So especially purchasing customers you must be careful buying on the Internet, in case to buy fake goods.
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