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Low-voltage intelligent capacitors operation requirements

by:Arkool     2020-09-03
Today by the capacitor manufacturer - — Easy operation under the cool for everyone in this paper, the low voltage intelligent capacitors. 1, the capacitor shall be marked factory nameplate of basic parameters, etc. 2, metal case should have obvious grounding capacitor logo, the shell should be ground together with the metal structure. 3, capacitor surroundings no inflammable, explosive danger, no violent shocks and vibrations. 4, capacitor should be temperature measuring equipment, can be installed in proper positions in the thermometer or stick show temperature wax; In general, the environment the temperature between + 40 ℃, the mineral oil filling capacitor allows the temperature of 50 ℃, silicone oil filling capacitor to allow temperature rise to 55 ℃. 5, capacitor should be qualified discharge equipment. 6, allow overvoltage. Capacitor set is in normal operation, can be in 1. 1 times the rated voltage under long-term operation. For the transient overvoltage, for a short time according to the overvoltage time limit overvoltage multiple; When general overvoltage last 1 min, but lasts 1. 3 times rated voltage; Can keep 1 lasts for 5 min. 2 times the rated voltage. 7, allow the over-current, capacitor Banks allow in 1. 3 times rated power flow run for a long time.
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