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Low temperature in winter, the refrigerator can be stopped?

by:Arkool     2020-07-05
Another ten days is the Spring Festival, but the weather will be capricious, guangdong winter complete failure, not the hot weather. Aside from the guangdong province, is forgotten by the four seasons estimates had heavy snow in north China, it is cold, isn't it? Every winter, the north is the most concern, is the use of the fridge. Webmaster recently received many messages, mostly about the refrigerator in the winter set: 'outdoor temperature - 5 ℃, 10 ℃, the refrigerator temperature air conditioning waste electricity, can be stopped? ”; 'How to set the temperature of the refrigerator? The refrigerator have been buzzing in the winter, normal? 'And so on. Today, we will tell you the in detail, during the winter refrigerator how to set up correctly, and how to use correctly, you quickly learn up! ! ! ! The refrigerator can stop? As mentioned above, in the winter when using refrigerator will inevitably encounter such a situation: outside the refrigerator temperature is lower than the temperature of the refrigerator, food beverage want fresh cool, directly on the outside. Therefore, there must be a lot of people think, no need to use the refrigerator, a waste of electricity, turn off. But, refrigerator can stop? Webmaster suggest that we don't stop, why? Understand the working principle of the refrigerator knows, refrigerator running, rely on the compressor work, put the refrigerator oil in the pipeline and refrigerant, cooling. The fridge when not used, frozen oil and refrigerant is saved in the 'oil pool' at the bottom of the compressor, after electrify, refrigerant and frozen oil will flow by compressor action. Fridge if disabled, the compressor does not work, frozen oil will return to the storage pool, but the refrigerant does not, it will still remain in the pipe, the pipe corrosion ( At ordinary times no corrosion because of refrigerant oil lubrication) 。 So, even in winter, the outside temperature refrigerator, refrigerator also cannot stop. If the fridge stopped, pipeline corrosion, refrigerant leakage, in the spring, but also to pay to add refrigerant, and maintenance and do more harm than good. Winter refrigerator how to correctly set? A, the thermostat setting household refrigerator freezer, generally have a knob, button marked with different Numbers 1 - 7, number of the gear is the temperature, the higher the number, on behalf of the refrigerator temperature is lower, the higher the conversely, 7 file is forced cooling, on behalf of non-stop, refrigerator compressor has been running. Although the temperature of the freezer can't adjust, but as the cold storage temperature is lower and lower. To set the temperature of the refrigerator, right main reference object is the outdoor temperature, set the temperature of the refrigerator to below room temperature, cold storage preservation effect is better, and more. In the summer, 2 - adjustment 3, in winter, for 5 - adjustment 6. When two compensation but in winter, winter, refrigerator usage is more complex, for example in case of above mentioned freezer temperature was very low, gear is 6, but always lower than at room temperature ( Below 10 ℃) , compressor doesn't work, no refrigeration freezer, then how to do? At this time, is about to open the refrigerator winter compensation function. So-called winter compensation, in fact, the refrigerator near the thermostat heating, make compressor mistake at room temperature is very high, so as to realize effective cooling. In winter, however, the compensation function is relatively inefficient, refrigerator in addition to the refrigeration, heating, so if the room temperature above 10 ℃, don't open, simply set the thermostat can satisfy the refrigerator refrigeration and normal operation. Said more than three, intelligent temperature control of the refrigerator set method, is based on our traditional household refrigerator, there are a lot of very advanced refrigerator, intelligent high, above the door have display, can be directly on the screen to control the temperature of the refrigerator, intelligent temperature control, even partition temperature control. The refrigerator in the winter, use rise more worry, only need to according to the principle 'the refrigerator temperature is lower than the room temperature' to set up and cooling effect at the same time, and can save electricity.
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