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Life tips-take care of your family's health and clean your home air conditioners yourself.

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

As the household air conditioner is used for more than a year, a lot of dust and bacteria will accumulate inside. These dust and bacteria will be blown into the room with the air conditioning wind, which not only harms human health, but also blocks the heat sink and increases the energy consumption of the air conditioning. If you feel that the wind has a peculiar smell, you feel uncomfortable or have a headache after blowing it for a long time, and the power consumption has increased than usual, you should clean the air conditioner immediately. Life tips will teach you how to clean the household on-hook air conditioner today.

Preparation before cleaning the air conditioner:

Clean water, neutral detergent, discarded toothbrushes, air conditioner cleaning agent, rags.

Cleaning steps of on-hook air conditioner:

1 Turn off the power after turning on for a certain period of time: Turn on the air conditioner for 15 minutes before cleaning the air conditioner, so that the air conditioner can start cooling, and the air conditioner evaporator will produce condensate . Turn off the air conditioner and cut off the power after 15 minutes to ensure safety.

2 Clean the outside of the air conditioner: first use a toothbrush to clean up the gaps in the panel, and finally wipe the outside of the air conditioner with a rag, especially the dead corners on both sides, and the air conditioner shell is too soft, so pay attention to the strength It cannot be too large.

3 Take out the air conditioner filter: lift up the buckles on both sides of the panel with both hands, open the panel to an angle of about 60 degrees, and then pull it out For the air filter, slightly lift the handle in the center of the air filter, and then pull it out downward.

4Clean the filter: when there is less dust accumulation, you can directly rinse with water or vacuum cleaner; when there is more dust accumulation, put it in neutral washing Soak the agent in water for 10 to 15 minutes, then brush it with a discarded toothbrush, and finally rinse it with running water and dry it in a cool place, remember not to heat or dry it at high temperatures.

5 Cleaning the evaporator: buy a can of air conditioner special cleaner at the supermarket, spray it evenly into the evaporator, and one can can be used twice. The dirt washed off the evaporator will flow to the outside with the condensed water.

6 Clean the air outlet of the air conditioner: The air outlet is the most overlooked location, and will accumulate a lot of dust over time. We You can use a small hairbrush to sweep away the adhered dust, and then you can use a vacuum cleaner and other tools to suck it away.

7 Install the filter: Finally, insert the claw of the filter into the front grille. The locking device is based on the principle of using claws, so please press the two ends of the front panel and the 3 parts in the center. After installing the filter, close the panel and let it stand for 10 minutes, turn on the air conditioner and adjust the air volume and cooling capacity to the maximum, and keep the air conditioner on for 30 minutes.

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