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Large cold storage reveal freon barrel pump for fluid system technology

by:Arkool     2020-03-29
< p> in general, the refrigeration system for liquid method is directly for liquid, gravity for liquid and liquid pump for three ways, suitable for small fluid for refrigeration system directly and gravity feed liquid is suitable for middle and small refrigeration system, pump for liquid is suitable for large systems, especially the floors in a refrigeration system. If it is large and medium-sized refrigerator choose barrel pump for fluid nature is the most reasonable way, also is the most economical. < / p> < p> fluoride pump for fluid characteristics mainly has the following several aspects: < / p> < p> ( 1) The evaporator has high in thermal efficiency, good cooling effect. Several times the evaporator refrigerant circulation evaporation is fully wetting surface, make the evaporator can play to the efficiency of heat transfer in the evaporator evaporation area all; Refrigerant in the evaporator is circulation flow state, gas flow near the center, so as to strengthen the refrigerant and the tube wall surface heat transfer conditions; Also, since a large amount of refrigerant scour, the wall is not easy to form oil film evaporator, its not easy also accumulate at the bottom of the oil, thus to improve the wall heat transfer coefficient. And direct expansion for fluid is insufficient, all become superheated gases LvPai tube end, will not only reduce the utilization rate of evaporation area, and as the refrigeration compressor exhaust temperature, also easy to cause the danger of lubricating oil coking; But for liquid is overmuch, easy to cause compressor wet stroke, can't guarantee the safe operation of the refrigeration unit, so in the end a portion of the exhaust pipe is gas flows through the tube, rather than a liquid. In addition, the produced liquid throttling emits gases, mix liquid two phase fluid to the evaporator, made for fluid loss in pipelines is increased greatly, at the same time also reduces the cooling effect of the evaporator. So, the same evaporation area of evaporator, fluorine pump for liquid cooling effect of 25% ~ 30% higher than that of direct expansion for the liquid, the proportion of force for fluid increase by about 10%. < / p> < p> ( 2) To ensure a long for liquid. The role of the mechanical pump, can be used to overcome the system part of the resistance losses, realize long distance for liquid. < / p> < p> ( 3) System operation is simple and reliable, easy to centralized control and automation, improving the operation condition of the refrigeration compressor. Fluoride pump for liquid cooling system, heat load in warehouse without big fluctuation, fluorine barrels of liquid level under the condition of relatively stable, can maintain the normal operation of the fluorine pump, without the need for frequent adjustment work, on the adjustment of the cooling load in the system can be done in the chiller room, inside storeroom often without the need to adjust the valve is also relatively easy to realize the refrigeration plant automation. And direct expansion for the liquid in the system due to the heat load fluctuating, expansion valve adjustment more difficult. Sometimes need to climb regulating valve inside the warehouse, very inconvenient. < / p> < p> built cold storage, to value the quality effect not only, more should pay attention to safety, although generally large foreign cold storage is the use of ammonia refrigeration, but due to problems such as weak consciousness of security in China, the ammonia refrigeration accidents emerge in endlessly, especially in the process of the normal operation of the late, it is need our attention, and fluorine pump for liquid technology just meets the demand of large cold storage, can not only guarantee the refrigeration effect, and can guarantee security, so, on the choice must be taken into account. < / p> < p> < / p>
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