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Knowledge of household central air conditioning refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-03-27
< p> the basic requirement of central air conditioning on the performance of the refrigerant is mainly the thermodynamic performance and principle, the two aspects of physical and chemical properties. Central air conditioning is by a host via duct wind or the end of the cold and hot water pipe connect more than one way to control a different room in order to achieve the purpose of indoor air conditioning air conditioning. Using duct, using a host can control multiple different rooms and air can be introduced, effectively improve indoor air quality, prevent the happening of the air-condition disease. < / p> < p> ( 1) Thermodynamic performance < / p> < p> 1) evaporation temperature. Under normal atmospheric pressure refrigerant evaporation temperature should not be higher than commonly - 10℃。 Under the standard evaporation temperature stress should be higher than or close to atmospheric pressure, in order to prevent air infiltration refrigeration system. The most prominent characteristics of household central air conditioning is to produce a comfortable living environment, second from the aesthetic point of view and the consideration on the best use of space, use of household central air conditioning make indoor decoration is more flexible, easier to achieve a variety of decorative effect, even if you don't like the original decoration, decorate afresh, the original central air conditioning system to change slightly with the new decorates harmony. < / p> < p> (2) the condensing pressure. Refrigerant condensing pressure is too high, will cause the compressor power consumption increased, therefore, within the scope of the working temperature of refrigerant condensing pressure generally no more than 1. 18 ~ 1. 47MPa。 Therefore he called the household central air conditioner for one pace reachs the designated position, never backward. Household central air conditioning, Or household central air-conditioning, unit adjustable central air conditioning) It is to point to by a produce cold outdoor ( Hot) Source and to each room cooling ( Hot) Air conditioning, it belongs to, Small) One of the types of commercial air conditioning. < / p> < p> (3) unit volume capacity. Refrigerants of refrigerating capacity associated with the refrigerating capacity of the unit, the unit volume in compressor cylinder diameter and schedule the same situation, in which the volumetric refrigerating capacity value, the greater the refrigerant units the greater the refrigerating capacity of the unit to obtain, on the contrary, the smaller. < / p> < p> (4) the critical temperature. The critical temperature of the refrigerant refers to liquefaction and setting temperature. Refrigerant at room temperature ( Or a low temperature) Can be liquefied, and lower freezing temperature, in order to obtain low evaporation temperature. Household central air conditioning is divided into two wind system and water system. Wind system by the outdoor and indoor host, supply air duct, and each room and regulating valves, etc; Water system consists of separate-bodied air-conditioners, water pipes, circulating pump and various indoor (at the end of The wind machine coil, surface mounted, etc. ) Composition. < / p> < p> ( 2) Physical and chemical properties < / p> < p> 1) viscosity and density. The greater the viscosity and density of refrigerant in the system the greater the resistance to flow. Refrigerant, therefore, the viscosity and density, the less the better household central air conditioning by clever design and installation, to achieve harmony with the whole decorate a consistent. Its host placed in the shadows of the balcony, there are so many choices of indoor machine installation way, can the be fond of according to family decorate, choose the single side out of the wind or the wind all around way, using the condole top put indoor machine in the ceiling. < / p> < p> (2) in thermal efficiency. In the thermal efficiency is higher, the better. Compared with the split type hanging air conditioning refrigerant connecting pipe exposed to indoor, household central air conditioning will not affect the decoration inside the bedroom style. When you enjoy the air conditioning to bring you cool breeze slowly, can't see the sprawling indoor connecting pipe. No more outdoor of the look of the building. < / p> < p> (3) water imbibition. Due to system easily mixed with water in the water block, if the refrigerant has certain water imbibition, when mixed with a small amount of water in system, can be absorbed by the refrigerant, avoid to cause 'ice block' fault. Household central air conditioning has been in Europe and the United States, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions of apartment, family housing, villas and other buildings are commonly used. According to statistics, the United States has a family of air conditioning is 72%, the small central air conditioning is 48%, window machine, fission machine is 24%. < / p> < p> (4) security. For refrigerant within the scope of work pressure, temperature, combustion, explosion, no chemical reaction, the refrigeration compressor non-corrosive effect, harmless to human body health. And air conditioning in our country, the family in, 90% for the common household air conditioner, with the continuous improvement of our living standard, the unremitting pursuit of quality of life, household central air conditioner become mainstream in the Chinese market will be a trend. < / p> < p> < / p>
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