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Introduction to the outbreak refrigerant market development momentum

by:Arkool     2020-08-06

Affected by the outbreak, had significant impact on the refrigerant and upstream and downstream industry, raw material supply, production, sales, transportation link is still in recovery, workers return to return to work more difficult factors make refrigerant domestic enterprises such as return to work time delay again and again, keep a stock of wu contract-signing process of the enterprise, offer up. Larger companies didn't production now or have reopened, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) are waiting for the arrival of the return to work, the market is developing toward the good direction. 

 Load a lot of work to advance refrigerant enterprises, said raw material supply, production transportation, downstream demand are accelerating in recovery. In February by the production and marketing, cost factors such as volatility, has work resumption of enterprises are mainly composed of the early stage of the delivery order, new orders not to bid. 

 To three months ago, most of the refrigerant conveniently construction enterprises, shandong dongyue, zhejiang JuHua, jiangsu meilan, ruyuan east sunshine, fly source such as the overall drive 5 into left and right sides, the Chinese blue sky, jinhua yonghe also drive 6 into whole, such as shandong luxi is still in the parking device, to return to work time to be determined. Although most of the enterprises in the operation of the device for trial production, but due to limited production transportation, raw materials are in short supply, lead to low work load; Part of the purchased raw materials factory, poor transportation cause raw material supply tension. Influenced by the new crown pneumonia, south air-conditioning production and raw materials production by significant impact and recovery was slow, in addition to the zhejiang region, the rest such as jiangxi, chongqing, guangdong and other regions manufacturer recovery recovery was slow, obvious effects on the chemical industry. 

 In a nutshell, refrigerant business sales and shipments will take some time to adjust, the industrial chain is still accelerating recovery, industry demand will further back. By-products of the raw material supply, processing and the downstream recovery will affect refrigerant air conditioning enterprise's return to work. Refrigerants for good business fluctuations at present, the domestic market continued upward refrigerants, clinch a deal the better environment, enterprises gradually slow delivery pressure. On the demand side, with the return to work in enterprises, the market degree is more active, although some enterprises to stock will mostly, but the shipments are also on the increase. Raw material prices, on the other hand, drive the refrigerant market rise, production costs increase the superposition of the logistics cost, as companies increase strong appetite, refrigerant prices steady potential rise, the market situation is good.
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