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Introduction of efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a and advantage

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
With the accelerating steps of alternative refrigerant R22 and looking for alternative refrigerants is imminent, what kind of refrigerant is the most appropriate? Not long ago, someone was put forward, and efficient environmental protection is the best alternative refrigerant R410a, here are simple to understand what is efficient environmental protection refrigerant R410a. The traditional refrigerant R22 in use most of the air conditioning, in the long-term use can damage the ozone layer, the atmospheric pollution environment. And R410A refrigerant is a kind of mixed refrigerant, the destruction of the ozone layer coefficient is 0, non-toxic harmless to the environment and does not burn, is currently the international recognized security environmental protection refrigerant refrigeration industry. Compared with refrigerant R22 environmental protection refrigerant R410A and this several advantages: the destruction of the ozone layer rate near & other; 0' To protect the human living space, with clean, environmental protection, non-combustible, features is the ideal environmental protection new refrigerant, also is at present the mainstream of the world's environmental protection refrigerant, in Japan, Europe and other countries. R410 refrigerants at the same time lower condensation temperature, evaporation temperature of the evaporator heat transfer performance is better, higher, so as to reduce the compressor power consumption, higher efficiency, let air conditioning energy saving effects play more fully, the latent heat of R410A refrigerant is greater, let air conditioning refrigeration and heating capacity is more strong. So using R410A refrigerant in air conditioning, not only won't destroy the ozone layer, and can help achieve higher air conditioning can effect comparing, make air conditioning more energy efficient.
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