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Install capacitors need to be aware of issues and with the introduction of the capacitor

by:Arkool     2020-09-04
1. Equipment capacitor, the connection of each capacitor alone had better choose soft lines connected to the bus, don't choose hard bus connection, in order to avoid stress capacitor equipment, the casing damage is caused by damage to the seal oil. 2. Capacitor circuits of any bad touch, all can lead to high frequency vibration arc, the work intensity of electric field in the capacitor increase and fever and early damage. As a result, it necessary to adhere to the electric circuits of the equipment and grounding part of the touch. 3. Low voltage grade after series of capacitor network operation in high voltage grade, between the Taiwan the shell of the earth, should be after adding the equivalent of running voltage grade of insulator, such as solid insulation. 4. Capacitor after star connection, extra voltage for high level, and the neutral point grounding, capacitor insulation shell to deal with. 5. Before capacitor equipment, distribution of a capacitance, and white balance, are no more than 5% of the total capacity of the deviation. When a relay protection equipment should also be satisfied when running balance current error is not beyond the requirements of relay protection action current. 6. For a single compensation capacitor's wiring should be: on directly or via the rheostat of induction motor, the capacitance of power factor of the progress can directly connect with the outlet terminals of the motor, between the two don't switch installed or fuse. The definition of capacitor: consists of two metal electrodes sandwiched between a layer of insulation dielectric. When coupled with the voltage between the two metal electrodes, electrodes will be storage charge, so the capacitor energy storage element. Any two within easy reach of insulation and conductors, each other to form a capacitor. Parallel plate capacitor is composed of capacitor plate and dielectric characteristic: 1. It has a charge and discharge characteristics and blocking dc current, promised to communicate current through talents. 2. In the process of charging and discharging, the charge on the north and south polar plate has piled up process, namely voltage also have set up the process, thus, a capacitor on the voltage cannot be changed. Capacitor charging: two plate with equal unlike charge separation, the absolute value of each plate with power capacitor charge. Polar capacitor discharge: capacitor through positive and negative charge on the conductor is neutral. In the discharge process sprocket online has time short current attacks. 3 capacitance charging process. The capacitive reactance of capacitor is inversely proportional to the frequency, capacity between. That analyze the capacitive reactance intrusive when they have to contact the signal frequency of concave and convex, capacity, intrusive [ 1] 。 The capacitive formula of parallel plate capacitor [ 1] 。
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