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[in the winter Air conditioning heating] The result is bad, what is going on?

by:Arkool     2020-06-10
The cause of the air conditioning in winter heating how what? Reason 1: outdoor temperature is too low. When outdoor temperature is too low, the air conditioning can't normal frost work, outdoor air conditioning heating effect will also be affected. Solution: if because of natural causes air conditioning heating effect is not good, to air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners to defrost, restoring air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners defrosting effect, strengthen the interior mechanism of thermal efficiency. Reason 2: the power supply voltage is too low. Air conditioning has a certain requirements on power supply voltage, when the voltage cannot satisfy the air conditioning heating power, air conditioning refrigeration and heating are affected. Solution: when indoor when the power supply voltage is not stable, can buy a regulator, can effectively maintain the stability of electric voltage. At the same time also can avoid the peak season, so we can greatly reduce the impact. Reason 3: a room inside closed lax, also can affect the efficiency of air conditioning heating. Solution: in the process of using air conditioning, be sure to keep the sealing ability of the room, so as to better ensure the efficiency of air conditioning heating and cooling. Reason four: the dust air conditioning filter clogging. Air conditioning use need regular cleaning after a period of time, this can prevent the dust air conditioning filter blockage, which affect the effect of heating and air conditioning. Solution: not cleaned in time, as a result of air conditioning heating effect is bad, need to remove the filter on the air conditioning cleaning, keep the air conditioning inside the house clean and tidy, also can effectively extend the service life of air conditioning. Reason 5: air-condition freon leak or inadequate. Air conditioning in the process of running both cooling and heating are needed freon, namely refrigerants. Solution: for air conditioning to add freon, freon leak hole to repair at the same time, prevent the freon leak again, ensure the normal operation of the air-conditioning system cooling cycle. In addition to the above reason, what is what reason? 1, the condensing heat exchanger has too much dirt, outdoor outdoor hot and cold switching is not smooth, affect the heating effect. 2, electronic four-way valve is damaged, it is within the four-way valve in gas or four-way valve opening, refrigerant pipeline caused by switching path is affected, make its effect. 3, in use process, temperature setting is not appropriate, central air conditioning has not reached to normal running mode. 4, indoor machine filters have dirty blocking phenomenon, cause indoor air supply impeded, effect thereby. Unit 5, the internal thermal probe is damaged, can't normal feelings inside and outside of the normal temperature, affect the normal operation of the unit. 6, indoor and outdoor have intense heat transfer, such as doors and Windows wide open, make indoor heat flow is too large. 7, indoor machine of cold media pipeline wall, cause refrigerant circulation. ( Domestic fluorine systems don't often appear this problem, of course, common water system) Air conditioning common failure analysis 1, air conditioning refrigeration boot operation, sometimes indoor machine display screen or black screen phenomenon appeared a flower? This is because the air conditioning refrigeration runtime in the summer, air humidity is big, indoor machine outlet blow out sometimes fog, when this time and open health anion, negative ion release of dc high voltage ( Current small) Will be blown out by the fog discharge effect, if there is no ground wire protection air conditioner power supply, the induction to the board or screen can produce flowers screen, black screen or crash phenomenon, the solution: as long as the room air humidity is big, suggested that opens the healthy negative ions; Power circuit ground wire connection is firm; Restore the air conditioner, when the power is cut off again electrify of commissioning. 2, why we have that chance when air conditioning boot 'flow'? Because just boot, the refrigerant flow state from static state to suddenly, at this time because of the refrigerant flow and line between 'crash', you will hear the machine with 'water' sound, but when the refrigerant flow stability, sound disappears. 3, frequency conversion air conditioning is why the machine shell leakage feeling? Because the common air conditioning and frequency conversion air conditioner belong to a kind of household electrical appliances, when the frequency conversion air conditioning shell was not well grounded line, can produce induction, feel the leakage. Air conditioner must therefore when the switch power supply socket, or access to air conditioning, to ensure that the air conditioner enclosure grounding good will eliminate the induction. 4, why air conditioning after downtime, still turn electric meter? This is because the air conditioning power plug not unplug, press with tropical and transformer is still at work. But with the power of tropical 27 - in general 33 w, transformer power only 3 - 7 w, so power consumption is very small. But if the machine long time need not, unplug the power plug is advised, such not only can save electricity, and more safety.
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