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In the use of car air conditioning refrigerant, must pay attention to these!

by:Arkool     2020-07-12
Hot summer again, whether to drive or stay at home, air conditioning has become an essential part of, the use of car air conditioning is becoming more and more frequent, the following major here to discuss the main use of refrigerant performance indicators have? In the refrigeration equipment complete refrigeration cycle working medium says refrigerants. According to the characteristics of the automotive air conditioning refrigerating system, the use of the refrigerant of the following performance requirements. ( 1) The latent heat of evaporation is big, and prone to liquefaction. ( 2) The chemical stability is good, not easy metamorphism. ( 3) Work with moderate temperature and pressure. ( 4) Has no corrosion metal objects. ( 5) Not burning, not explode. ( 6) Non-toxic, no pollution. ( 7) Proportionate to the compressor lubricants can be any combination. When using air conditioning refrigerant, the following should be paid attention to. ( 1) Confirm the car air conditioning system is to use which kinds of refrigerant. ( 2) Refrigerant volatile, should avoid direct sunlight, when keeping furnace and other heat sources. Add refrigerant should be performed at low temperature. ( 3) Refrigerant could sharply evaporative cooling under atmospheric pressure, damaged skin, avoid it into the eyes when you add. ( 4) Although the CFC - 12 non-toxic or low toxic, but when in contact with the flame, produces gas. ( 5) The site should be well ventilated. ( 6) Desiccant should choose XH HFC - 134 - a - 7, and increase the dosage. ( 7) HFC - 134 - a and CFC - 12 two refrigerant do not mix. ( 8) Two kinds of refrigeration system of the seals, rubber hose, testing instrument and charging tools can not mix.
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