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In the course of everyday use the maintenance of low voltage capacitor

by:Arkool     2020-08-19

Many buyers to purchase the low voltage capacitor, in use process how to maintain? Low voltage capacitor daily maintenance content: 

1, check whether the current of electric capacity of capacitor set in the operation of the more than E fixed value, stable, do you have any surge phenomenon. 

 2, discharge 9 bulbs in presence of burning phenomenon.

 3, capacitors have abnormal sound.

 4, found in the operation of the condenser box expansion and oil leakage, and make a sound or external spark occurs, shall be immediately cut off the power to stop operation, 

5, capacitor is not allowed to exceed its E rated voltage in 1. 1 times under the condition of asymmetric operation, the ammeter reading degrees are not allowed to exceed five percent of the E rated current.

 6, the temperature of the condenser chamber shall not exceed 40 oc. 

 7, capacitor fuse break should find out the original replacement now to let wire, protective device, may force transmission, find out the reason and then put into operation. As in the use of low voltage capacitor occurs when one of the following circumstances shall be immediately to withdraw from running a, capacitor explosion zha: b, capacitor injection or fire: serious put lightning collaterals d c, porcelain bushing, contact serious overheating or melting: e, internal capacitor discharge equipment with serious abnormal noise; F, capacitor shell shaped expansion h, capacitor shell connected to. G, no residual current switch for at least three minutes after closing again.
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