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In data center cooling technology of natural cooling by refrigerant officer in California

by:Arkool     2020-07-04
According to foreign media reports, the use of natural refrigerants cooling data center cooling technology to get the California building regulatory approval, the technology can save a lot of water, also become a part of the national building standards, to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Data center operators in California can now install energy saving system, using specialized refrigerant liquid as a medium to exchange heat with the external environment, rather than water. Before this, the California building standards a document ( Code for 24 files) Energy-saving refrigeration requirements, the need to use in data center, or draw air into the building ( Lateral air energy) Water transfer heat (or outdoor system Water side energy saving) 。 California government be convinced this is an international network energy companies lobbying the California energy commission to make a change, because it has the data center cooling systems products, use the refrigerant system for data center operators can be energy saving. The energy company in North America vice President of marketing, said in the case of receiving the application, regulators will be carefully evaluated the proposed reform technology, but in extreme drought geographical data center expressed support for the technology. California, however, demand for high water saving data center cooling solution is expected there may be more, it also means that huge profits, they have more than ten years experience, a lot of relevant new technology will soon come to the fore. He also illustrates in 14 out of 16 climate zones using refrigerant system can not only avoid completely natural cooling water, and use less energy than water system. Energy-saving principle when the outside air when it is cold enough, energy saving device with mechanical cooling can supplement the cold quantity. According to the condition, natural cooling system can completely replace mechanical refrigerator or provide load in cooling time part of the cold. Its main components include a traditional direct evaporative cooling systems, interior room air conditioning and outside condenser. Different is that it has an unusual coolant pump. It also has two refrigerant circuits: a pump and a condenser. When switched to refrigerant cooling system, there are two compressor shut down separately. By measuring the real-time temperature and external temperature data center floor to choose the work mode, if the temperature is low enough, it will close a compressor, rely on circulation and energy saving. If air become more cold outside, a second compressor will be shut down. Water system was thought to be the energy saving system of choice for large data centers, as a lot of outside air into the filtering of data center needs a large number of pollutants and more efforts to control the humidity. Use water system, with up to 15. 15 million liters of water every year to 1 megawatt data center cooling capacity. Now, the refrigerant system have better water saving effect. Green grid since 2011 began to measure the effectiveness of the work of data center water, although data center has been in control of industrial water, but due to the low end of the climate in recent years, the problem is becoming more and more serious. Because there is no clear water availability in the future state whether can improve, data center operators can only are increasingly looking for alternative solutions to reduce the dependence on water cooling.
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