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Hydrocarbon refrigerants will be the future focus on developing refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-05-19
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Montreal protocol, the global limit in 2030, the comprehensive use of R22, looking for alternative refrigerants of R22 refrigeration is the focus of attention, including hydrocarbon refrigerants ( R436c) With its superior performance and energy conservation and environmental protection is most likely to be a refrigerant industry leader. R436c series of new environmental protection hydrocarbon refrigerants, adopts refined high purity propane and butane mixture of alkanes, by a certain weight ratio to reconcile, deep purification, precision dispensing, does not damage the ozone layer, without the greenhouse effect, completely green. R436c dosage is only 40 - R22, r114 55%, and therefore more economical. Low freezing point, latent heat of evaporation is bigger, makes the unit time cool faster; Isentropic compression is smaller than work, make compressor work more easily, extend the service life of the compressor; Small molecular weight, good liquidity, lower delivery pressure, reduce the load of the compressor. Using R436c can reduce system operating costs, reduce fuel consumption, energy saving rate is as high as 35%, reduce energy consumption. With all common refrigeration lubricating oil ( Mineral oil, synthetic oil) Of metal and rubber compatibility, non-toxic, non-corrosive. No matter what type of refrigeration equipment need to switch to R436c, all need to be modified. Understands from national environment, the comprehensive promotion in 2011 using the energy conservation and environmental protection refrigerants, and this year Fred to environmental protection and energy saving hydrocarbon refrigerants in baihua contending refrigerant outshine others in the industry. The reporter understands, because of hydrocarbon refrigerants commonly accepted inflammable and explosive safety problems in our country for many years without promotion use, which have been frozen. It is understood that after the Montreal protocol to establish R436c series due to its safety and environmental protection, economical and practical, high efficiency and energy saving, good cooling, high oil blending ratio, strong adaptability and convenient pump favoured such outstanding advantages. It is reported that the United States, Britain, Singapore, Indonesia and other hydrocarbon refrigerants got promoted, and the markets in these countries for hydrocarbon refrigerants after open the door, China also began to promote the comprehensive application of hydrocarbon refrigerants, now our country has opened in shenzhen hydrocarbon refrigerants pilot, sought after in the refrigeration industry. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Montreal protocol, R22 as refrigerant freon will began to gradually in 2016 disabled in our country, in 2030 before fully eliminated, and R436c will popularity in our market, gree, haier electrical appliances tycoon, join fluorine-free hydrocarbon refrigerants could usher in a new industry in the spring.
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