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How to see the development of China's capacitor industry

by:Arkool     2020-08-22

With the development of electronic information industry and the popularity of home appliance, starting from the localization of color television in the 1980 s, refrigerators, washing machines, tape recorder, a black-and-white TV, household air conditioner, telephone, energy-saving lamps, VCD, DVD, computers, program-controlled switches, such as development, improve the quality of life for every Chinese family. 

 Capacitor industry has got unprecedented development in our country, from the quantity, quality, service, to meet the needs of the development of the electronic machine and household electrical appliances, and led to the relevant materials industry, equipment industry, instrument industry development, has become a global power capacitor production. In retrospect, after 20 years of struggle, has become a global capacitor manufacturer in China, about 30% of global production. Due to the global economic recovery and the rapid development of information industry of our country, capacitor industry continues to do big must and stronger at the same time, to do big strong, this is the core of the connotation of development change. In the process of electronic chip, is leading the resistor and capacitor. In 2002, the Japanese resistor chip rate reached 98%, ceramic capacitors, chip rate was 80%, tantalum capacitors, chip rate has reached 99% in 2001; The resistance network chip rate of 41% in 2000. As for the inductor chip rate of over 52% in 1998, Japan, in 2002, the United States has reached 70%, and signal circuit using inductor chip rate has reached more than 80%; Switch chip rate above 20%. 1999 Japanese ceramic filter chip rate was 19%, and cellular mobile communications equipment used in the chip ceramic filter has accounted for 71%, temperature compensated crystal oscillator chip rate has exceeded 90%. 

 Electronic components in the chip at the same time, the miniaturization of also is in rapid development, not only the traditional elements in rapid miniaturization, chip components are rapidly miniaturization. At present, the type 1608 chip resistance capacity components has become the mainstream of Japanese production product, the type 1005 chip resistance capacity of components has become the mainstream of mobile communications equipment using resistance capacity. Chip tantalum capacitor and chip plastic film capacitor minimal size has reached 1608, and has been commercialized chip ceramic capacitors, chip negative temperature coefficient thermistor ( NTC) Has started mass production minimum 0603 products, metal plastic film capacitor and mica capacitor 1608 products have been commercialized. As the light and small electronic devices of thin, composite for electronic components requirements also more and more strong. Japan TDK company has production from 4, 8, 16 monolithic ceramic capacitor array composed of capacitor core. Ceramic capacitor will still dominates the capacitor in the world market, and the chip capacitor will dominate the ceramic capacitor and tantalum capacitor markets. 

 Miniaturization, large capacity, high voltage, high frequency, anti-jamming and array will still be the developing direction of the ceramic capacitor. Type 1005 monolithic ceramic capacitors have been popular, type 0603 products have been listed, the type 0402 products have been in development. 

 At present, the use of thin layer and multiple stratification ( 600 ~ 800 layers) Technology and the base metal electrode technology, has developed a capacity of up to 100 # mu; F monolithic ceramic capacitors, manufacturers have been in the development capacity of 200 # mu; Even F # 200 mu; F the production technology of monolithic ceramic capacitor. Small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature resistant, low equivalent series resistance is the development direction of aluminium electrolytic capacitor. Panasonic electronic components company in 2000 developed a WA series aluminum capacitor, its capacity value increased from previous 2 times ~ 18 times, at the same time, the company also launched ultra-low appearance of SMD aluminum capacitor, its height is only 0. 95mm。

 Electronic products continue to lead the tantalum capacitor to miniaturization, large capacity, low resistance, low ESR, functional polymer tantalum capacitor will further expand the production and application of the tantalum powder CV value will continue to improve, the tantalum powder CV value has reached 100000, but manufacturers ( Such as ELNA Japanese company) Has been in the development of 150000 CV tantalum powder. It is worth noting that the engineering technical personnel is the development and utilization of niobium niobium capacitor as dielectric materials, due to the supply equivalent to 100 times that of tantalum niobium, and the appearance of the condenser, the structure and performance similar to chip tantalum capacitor, due to the cost, tantalum capacitor is not suitable for # 1000 mu; F the product of mass production, and niobium capacitor which can realize the scale product batch production.
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