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How to know when the refrigerator refrigerator refrigerant needed? The three steps to solve the problem

by:Arkool     2020-07-03
Refrigerant freon refrigerator is a refrigerator, air conditioner, heat pump and other equipment used for heating and cooling of liquid refrigerant used in brand names. If you can't keep food cold freezer, you may think this machine needs more refrigerator refrigerants. Refrigerator refrigerant lack is unlikely, because the refrigerator to keep the stability of supply, unless one of the component leakage. You can perform some tests to check the status of the refrigerator is caused by freon leak or other components. Step 1 find refrigerator condenser, and then laid his hand on the side to induction heat. If feel cold and refrigerator condenser is running, it may lack or no refrigerator refrigerants. The problem may be caused by condenser fault or jam. Step 2 unplug the power of the refrigerator and close the refrigerator temperature controller, then the ear on the side of the refrigerator. Hissing sound indicating a freon and in balance. However, mute doesn't necessarily mean lack of refrigerator refrigerants, condenser, fan, filter drier, cover tube, defroster or compressor there may be a problem. Step 3 from the freezer space near the evaporator fan on the evaporator of take off the lid. Reinsert the refrigerator power supply, and then returned to the desired setting temperature controller. Waiting for the fridge in the case of cupboard door close to run for a few minutes. Check whether the evaporator is frosted. Lack of frost shows that lack of or no refrigerator refrigerant or blockage in a system.
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