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How to judge whether the central air conditioning need to add fluoride, briefly specific method

by:Arkool     2020-07-21
Central air conditioning is mainly suitable for large public places, such as shopping malls, office, hotel, etc. , at present the use of household central air conditioning is very wide also, little to big to villa apartment has central air-conditioning installation. Now an outfit with dc frequency conversion of central air conditioning, comfortable and beautiful, so for the central air conditioning, how to determine whether the lack of fluorine and concrete filling method, we prepared ready for everyone, come and watch together! General test methods mainly include: lack of fluorine of central air conditioning 1, dry trachea valve. No cool sense of touch. Reason is lack of fluorine, reduce the boiling point of refrigerant in the evaporator and the valve's refrigerant heat increases, the temperature of the valve. 2, liquid pipe valve frost. Reason is the lack of fluorine, resulting in a decline in fluid pipe pressure, the boiling point is reduced, the valve temperature below freezing. 3, open the indoor machine panel, remove the filter, only a few can be found evaporator frosting. This is the result of the lack of refrigerant, refrigeration area is reduced accordingly. 4, the exhaust air outdoor thermal. The reason is lack of refrigerant, results in the decrease of condensing pressure and temperature. Five little or no drainage, drainage hose drainage. Reason is that the evaporator cooling area decreases, and also reduce condensation area, condensation water volume is reduced. 6, the gas and liquid valve have outdoor pollution. Because the refrigerant and frozen oil has certain solubility, refrigerant from funnelled overflow oil after around funnelled. 7, from the fluoride mouth filling outdoor measuring pressure is lower than 0. 45MPa。 The reason is lack of refrigerant, led to the decrease of the evaporating pressure. 8, if liquid pipe valve frost, serious lack of fluorine; Only tracheal valve frost, explain a bit short of fluorine or ambient temperature is too low; Two valves are frost, the system has a secondary throttling phenomena. 9 lack of fluorine, air conditioning, air conditioning work when power is insufficient, cooling effect is reduced, but not to say that not refrigeration, it depends on what specific lack of fluorine. So how do lack of refrigerant refill? 1, with a new copper tube as appropriate filling connection pipe, with its connection system on the filling valve and media joint on the bottle; Connecting pipe connection every time. 2, in full bottles of cold media, should be to purge the bottle in time the sooner the better, can reduce the loss of refrigerant; 3, in the process of filling make measures to prevent moist air into the system; 4, filling quantity to correct right amount, visible to the refrigerant in the evaporator endoscopic level; 5, after the initial filling refrigerant to observe and make the liquid level; 6, refrigerant or refrigerant filling process, should run refrigeration, cooling pump, cooling water, frozen water cycle, avoid is cold fluid in the tube bundle freeze and burst of brass, when filled volume of the refrigerant in the host, which can be opened, when more than two-thirds in the operation of filling; 7, the balance is reached between the condenser and evaporator pressure and temperature, check the refrigerant liquid level ( This time in the compressor and pump stop running after 4 hours) 。 Many people think of freon must add once a year, this idea is not right, sealing good air conditioning, a few years will not drain point freon, so don't have to add freon. Only when the machine starts to appear refrigeration effect is not good, only need to contact maintenance personnel, plus some freon. Don't blindly believe in the so-called must add once a year, there is no scientific reason.
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