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How to give air conditioning refrigerant, such operation can save a lot of money!

by:Arkool     2020-05-31
When to add refrigerant to air conditioning, do you really know? Today we bring you don't have to pay a teacher, can add refrigerant! These two cases, means that you should add refrigerant to air conditioning! One, when we can obviously feel air conditioning refrigeration effect dropped substantially, you may need to add air conditioning refrigerant. Second, because of leakage or other reasons lead to lack of refrigerant, the need for maintenance and add refrigerant. Air conditioning and snow kind of process? Want to how much pressure or how much weight to meet air conditioning refrigeration conditions. 1, open the air conditioner, compressor start which can guarantee to snow is on the correct values; 2, twisting machine fill the nut on the outside, under the root canal with snow kind of table is to twist here, don't have before snow sound leakage, the snow kind table another outside a root tube on the snow kind of tank; 3, see a kind of table about snow pressure first, if the lack of snow is more, so long to add a bit of snow in, if the snow kind of short of less, so long need to slowly add, if not, the snow kind of added will be putting the cart before the horse, affect the cooling effect; 4, open the snow kind of tank, then open the snow kind of table valve, open the shimonoseki the rhythmic, don't finish it will snow table valve, serious will cause the snow kind of table is broken to pieces; 5, when the pointer only in 0. 4 mp - 0. Said when I was 5 mp between pressure is enough, can go to a test machine in tuyere temperature, if it is not very cold so you can add a little, then at the temperature of the machine, if the wind out of the temperature is too high, hot, you can put a bit of snow; 6, shut the valve, take snow table sprain nut, and snow kind of finish. In addition, some friends trouble, don't want to operation, the general will choose air-conditioning after-sale service. This time, we should take note: if the home air conditioning to add refrigerant, had better let teacher use vacuum pump to put air conditioning installation, and then add refrigerant, so that to ensure the service life of air conditioning compressor.
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