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How to effectively improve the cold storage engineering of refrigeration? - - - - - -

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
In the use of cold storage project, in fact, we should choose suitable refrigerants, in the process of choosing refrigerants, we should be combined with the cold storage of different USES, refrigerant currently on the market is mainly ammonia refrigeration system, and freon refrigeration system of the two different classification, to make the cold storage refrigeration effect is better, so must be reasonable selection of refrigerants, together to learn about the cold storage engineering should be how to, let the refrigeration effect effectively. To improve cold storage engineering of refrigeration effect, so the most main is to choose suitable refrigerants, actually in the current market there are many different kinds of refrigerants, and the refrigerant will also affect the cooling effect of refrigeration engineering, come together to learn about what kind of refrigerant effect is best. Direct expansion supply liquid refrigerant in the operation of the process, but also through the refrigerating unit, also need through the expansion valve, will eventually into the evaporator and the cooling tube, which can provide refrigerant to cold storage engineering, although said that such a method in the process of use is very simple, but for refrigerants for fluid power wants to control also has certain difficulty, even you can keep the cold storage refrigeration effect is affected by the corresponding engineering, freon refrigeration system in the current market is a common kind of cooling method. Gravity feed liquid in the process of cold storage engineering use, one of the most common basic pattern is gravity feed flow, gravity feed liquid technology is set between the evaporator and expansion valve a separator, the refrigerant once reached the corresponding quantity will directly, and to create constant pressure for liquid shaft, this will release the corresponding refrigerants, such a cooling mode, in the process of cold storage engineering use is very common, you can choose such a cooling method, but in the process of use, we also need the right skills. Pump cycle for pump cycle for fluid is mainly divided into top on out into the out of the two different ways, these two methods can make refrigeration engineering has certain refrigeration effect, can effectively guarantee the supply of refrigerants in refrigeration engineering, all at the same time, the refrigerant will be transported to various refrigeration equipment, lead to customer engineering is one of the best refrigeration effect. Is several refrigeration methods above, we can find that the choice of the three kinds of refrigerants in the current market on the most common, by selecting the some natural method, can let the cold storage engineering of cooling effect is improved effectively, also can effectively extend the storage time of goods, to promote our economic interests will play a key role, so everyone in the process of using cold storage engineering, must know what kind of method can improve the refrigeration effect.
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