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How to distinguish the stand or fall of refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-06-02
Refrigerant is an important factors affecting cold storage temperature, choose good refrigerant is particularly important. So cold storage building how to discern the stand or fall of refrigerant? Today is cool refrigeration we introduce for everybody. Refrigerant is the blood of the compressor, refrigerant purity of high and low for cold storage refrigeration equipment is particularly important, the most obvious is like: filling the high purity of the refrigerant refrigerator, the refrigeration effect is obvious, the temperature drop aging fast, refrigerating capacity; Lower purity of refrigerant not only of any drop in temperature, but also will damage the compressor. Whether through formal channels to purchase normal manufacturer production of refrigerants, such as price significantly lower than the market price of refrigerants, should be on high alert. If you have any test conditions, it is recommended to use before the refrigerant to test its purity and acidity, significantly lower than the industry standard for the test result of refrigerant is not recommended. Note: qualified purity of R22 refrigerant should be greater than 99% ( High quality refrigerant purity is more than 99. 8%) , acidity, In HCL) Should be less than 0. 0001. If you do not have refrigerant test conditions, it is recommended to use simple checks before the refrigerant, simple inspection method can be: 1] The refrigerant tank inversion, and release a small amount of refrigerant to a piece of white paper, if there is a obvious impurity in white paper or liquid water, quality of refrigerant, is not recommended; ( 2] Connect pressure gauge test refrigerant cylinder, control the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics, test whether the pressure in the bottle in the normal range, such as the abnormal pressure obviously is not recommended. And the refrigerant used in the middle, can test the pressure in the bottle again, for refrigerant R22 this single component, two bottles of pressure measurement value should be very close to, but for inferior refrigerants, often mixed with a variety of ingredients, refrigerant in bottle after use due to the change of composition usually there will be a large bottle of pressure difference, if encounter this kind of phenomenon, advice immediately stop using the refrigerants, and would like to have filling to the emissions of refrigerant in the system clean to avoid pollution system. In system debugging phase, if find abnormal phenomena as follows: [ 1] System refrigeration capacity obviously insufficient and through inspection found no other exceptions need to focus on the condition of the refrigerant; ( 2] System dryer filter or expansion valve block, and the blockage is tan wax-like or black sludge need to focus on refrigerant when foreign body; ( 3] System during operation, abnormal high and low pressure or temperature (or stop state system balance abnormal pressure To control the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics) , need to focus on refrigerant. When these anomalies, Suggestions from the system makes a purity test of refrigerant to screen inferior refrigerant risk. And in the meantime, it is suggested that the refrigerant compressor side drain or released the refrigerant in the system, in order to avoid potential inferior refrigerant and compressor contact and damage the compressor. Once found caused by chemical pollution caused by inferior refrigerant compressor fault, unit parts or so had to use the same source in the field of refrigerant units ( Even if the unit can work normally) Also need to replace the refrigerant. Because of the effect of dangerous chemicals in the inferior refrigerant is sometimes slow, may result in system failure after a long time.
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