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How to distinguish inferior refrigerant purchasing refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-30
The current application of refrigerant is widespread, purchase refrigerant from general offline channels also evolved into online channels, buyers will also go shopping by means of network, but the authenticity of a refrigerant currently exist many problems, especially the brand refrigerants, appeared a lot of bad products, is also called the fakes, teach you a few small methods, can through the following several kinds of methods to identify whether for inferior refrigerant: 1, whether through formal channels to purchase normal manufacturer production of refrigerants, such as price significantly lower than the market price of refrigerants, should be on high alert, don't covet petty gain, at low price and procurement to fake. 2, if you have the test conditions, it is recommended to use before the refrigerant to test its purity and acidity, significantly lower than the industry standard for the test result of refrigerant is not recommended. 3, if you do not have refrigerant test conditions, it is recommended to use simple checks before the refrigerant, simple inspection method can be: ( 1) The refrigerant tank inversion, and release a small amount of refrigerant to a piece of white paper, if there is a obvious impurity in white paper or liquid water, quality of refrigerant, is not recommended; ( 2) Connect pressure gauge test refrigerant cylinder, control the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics, test whether the pressure in the bottle in the normal range, such as the abnormal pressure obviously is not recommended. Simple tips, we also tell you, in fact, the purity of refrigerant will also affect the efficiency of its operation in the refrigeration system. Refrigerant product purity as high as the target for the safe operation of the refrigeration system of resistance, and the purity of substandard injury will only make the refrigeration system. According to cool manufacturers understand easily, according to the international standard air conditioning refrigerant purity more than 98% of qualified, China's national standards for more than 96%. Dupont or refrigerant R22, snow, for example, the top grade product purity as high as 99. More than 9%, so the procurement users can be at ease use, in case be deceived.
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