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How to distinguish between R22 and R410A refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-06-01
Currently widely used on the refrigeration industry is refrigerant R22, but R22 because of great harm to the ozone layer is gradually replaced by R410A, refrigerant R410A and is now the mainstream. So, what's the difference between both? Shandong zixiang chemical today we will introduce you how to distinguish the refrigerant R22 and R410A, follow we want to know friends have a look at the following article. R22 chemical called methylene fluoride a chlorine, freon is one of them, as part of the hydrogen CFCS. At present in the air conditioning, R22 refrigerant or proportion is very big, mainly some old-fashioned air conditioning in use. Due to the 'cl' elements contained in the refrigerant R22, has great harm to the ozone layer, is now in phase out. R410A is a kind of new refrigerants. New refrigerant R410A composed of two kinds of quasi azeotropic mixture, mainly include hydrogen, fluorine and carbon element, has a stable, non-toxic, superior performance, etc. At the same time as a result of not containing chlorine, so will not react with ozone, can neither destroy ozone. In addition, the adoption of new refrigerant air conditioning again in terms of performance will be improved. R410A is now internationally recognized replacement for R22 refrigerant, right and in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries with popularity. R410A and R22 has the following several different characteristics: 1, R410A by HFC - 32 ( R32) And HFC - 125 in weight than the 50 ﹪ mixture refrigerant, for nearly azeotropic mixture refrigerant. But for a single material refrigerant R22. 2 operation pressure is higher than R22, R410A about 50 ~ 70%. 3 is larger than that of R22, R410A vapor density. The system of the same capacity, the refrigerant mass flow rate is the same. Because of the gas piping are the same diameter, so R410A steam flow rate compared with R22 slow to about 30%. Through the above analysis, I believe that everybody on the difference of refrigerant R22 and R410 have probably understanding, you can choose according to demand relative to the refrigerant, if there is demand for refrigerants, welcome consultation discussion with us, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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