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How to differentiate between of true and false of the refrigerant? What is false and inferior product?

by:Arkool     2020-07-16
Now the refrigeration market is very chaotic. No matter you are maintenance, or their use, as far as possible to buy a large one-time pack the goods. Bulk is generally use out of the nose, with impurities. If you are to do trade, zhejiang cargo is good, your 3 - than normal manufacturer 5 MAO a kilo. Quality assured. That if really meet and inferior refrigerant how to distinguish? First, before buying, before to purchase, if it is on the Internet to find businesses must be through the time to check it. Query 1, industry and commerce, taxation department 2, 3, procurement website for the record, dupont and other brand products, be sure to check the agent certificate 4, enterprises and products address whether clear 5, visit for more information has been purchasing, unused 1, the refrigerant tank inversion, and release a small amount of refrigerant to a piece of white paper, if there is a obvious impurity in white paper or liquid water, poor quality of refrigerant, is not recommended. 2, refrigerant cylinder pressure gauge testing, control the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics, test whether the pressure in the bottle in the normal range, such as the abnormal pressure obviously is not recommended. And the refrigerant used in the middle, can test the pressure in the bottle again, for refrigerant R22 refrigerant, the composition of the single two bottles of pressure measurement value should be very close to, but for inferior refrigerants, often mixed with a variety of ingredients, refrigerant in bottle after use due to the change of composition usually there will be a large bottle of pressure difference, if encounter this kind of phenomenon, advice immediately stop using the refrigerants, and would like to have filling to the emissions of refrigerant in the system clean to avoid pollution system. Three, have been used in the automotive aftermarket, the capacity is insufficient, the purity is not enough, use R12 to pretend to be and the price is a most in ten yuan fake everything everywhere. This will lead to car air conditioning system in the following problems: 1, valve plates, compressor, holding in death of the interrupt and oil deterioration is faulty. 2, expansion valve to the evaporator inlet, even drier wax-like emulsification, are accumulated in areas such as the jam refrigeration loop. To remove these accumulated quite difficult. 3 the seal material deformation, compressor, caused by micro refrigerant leakage. 4, run after a period of time, the system cooling effect is decreased obviously. 5, condenser and cooling pipe burst. In addition to the above method can distinguish the pros and cons of refrigerant product outside, we also tell you, in fact, the purity of refrigerant will also affect the efficiency of its operation in the refrigeration system. Refrigerant product purity as high as the target for the safe operation of the refrigeration system of resistance, and the purity of substandard injury will only make the refrigeration system. According to cool manufacturers understand easily, according to the international standard air conditioning refrigerant purity more than 98% of qualified, China's national standards for more than 96%. Dupont or refrigerant R22, snow, for example, the top grade product purity as high as 99. More than 9%, so the procurement users can rest assured use.
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