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How to determine the air conditioning of fluorine - How to determine whether air conditioning refrigerant deficiency

by:Arkool     2020-05-04
We know, once there is no refrigerant air-conditioning is relatively bad oh. Because the air conditioning not refrigeration, in the summer if you cannot access the air conditioning, while that is really very afflictive oh. Air conditioning is very common. I believe everyone not to be unfamiliar with air conditioning, and everyone knows that air conditioning is to add fluoride, non fluoride fluorine frequency conversion air conditioning does not represent all the time. Now people have misunderstanding on the fluorine air conditioning. Cfc-free air-conditioning, in fact, you need to add fluoride, but added 'fluorine' need professional is better, oh. How to determine fluoride air-conditioning short? Look at how to judge whether air conditioning of freon together today. How to determine fluoride air-conditioning short? How to determine the air conditioning a lack of freon, air conditioning in normal open after a period of time into the body, the wind is cold, can quickly reach the set temperature. Oh, it's normal. Of course, the outdoor unit can be like a refrigerator compressor shut down for a period of time, this is normal. But if you open refrigeration is also don't have problems later. Second, the indoor air inlet temperature difference and is measured with a thermometer. Difference is higher than 10 ° C, this is normal. The temperature difference, the greater the gree air conditioning working conditions, the better, about 15 ° C. Three, air conditioning start after 10 minutes, open the indoor machine panel, you should see the evaporator ( Part of the copper tube with aluminum plate heat exchanger) Evenly covered with condensed water, such as the dew, it is normal, When air humidity is high, there are many, and vice versa. If half of the half is not available, may be due to lack of fluoride. Such as local frost or ice is not normal. Four, touch - - - - - - - - - - - - - If people can touch separate-bodied air-conditioners, start in ten minutes with the hand touch. Seg has two copper valve, with a thick copper pipe, the other with a thin brass. There should be a difference in temperature between the two valves manually; Thicker should be lower than the temperature of the fine, the cold is normal, When high temperature condensed water should be there) 。 Touch the hot air is not a popular outdoor phone. If you don't hot, may be a lack of fluorine. Five, the use of the machine for more than six months of the user can check valve pipe joint and the house whether there are obvious signs of oil spill. If there is a obvious oil, machine has a leak, because is fluorine soluble oil. Leakage of oil leaks must be leak fluorine, fluorine must leak. How to determine fluoride air-conditioning short? First, turn on the air conditioning. Add fluoride, air conditioning can be directly in the cooling mode. Because under heating condition can't add fluoride operation, so when adding fluorine in the winter, the use of heating and reversal valve line methods into a state to force air conditioning cooling. Second, the connection fluoride equipment; After the air conditioning normal boot, will add equipment of fluorine from the process of low-pressure valve side outdoor port to connect. In the process, must get rid of fluoride in the air tube and dirt. Usually three to five years of air conditioning, need to add a refrigerant. If the refrigerant is enough, so can make air conditioning refrigeration, make people comfortable, oh. Don't just add refrigeration it yourself this time. For refrigerants are a special person to help, they are a professional fluorine equipment. In the state of crucible down in addition to add equipment of fluorine, and screw down the machine seal. If the equipment is heating, leakage will cause a lot of fluorine. Of course, after joining the fluoride. For suspected leak of the air conditioning, please check the detergent foam.
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