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How to determine the air conditioning filling refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-06-01
1, filling should be prepared before: the refrigerant from the large cylinder into a cylinder, the method is: first the repair with small cylinders in containers with ice cooling, and then with a rubber hose will be large and small cylinder connected, but the big cylinder valve temporarily not open. Large cylinder valve and small joint of the cylinder to loosen, use freon gas discharge air from the hose, then close the cylinder valve, tighten hose connection of small cylinders. Open the large and small cylinder valve, filling refrigerant, to be charged to 80%, close the cylinder valve size, remove hose. 2, by the cylinder to the refrigeration system of filling refrigerant cylinder can be connected to repair the valve, filling the compound pressure gauge in the middle of the joint is also available. Open the small cylinders and inversion, will take over the air after discharge, tight joints, filling the refrigerants, gage pressure less than 0. 15 mpa closed through the valve. Starting the compressor will be inhaled, and at the same time observe the evaporator frosting, stay up evaporator has been covered with frost or dew, can stop filling. The amount of refrigerant filling the accurate judgment method 1, the test pressure. Refrigerant temperature and pressure of saturated vapor is one-to-one correspondence relationship, if the refrigerant evaporation temperature can detect known corresponding evaporating pressure. The pressure of gage pressure value displayed by the high and low pressure gauge. Therefore, according to the pressure value can be installed on the system pressure gauge whether the refrigerant filling quantity should be comfortable. Such as evaporation temperature of the air conditioner for 7. 2 ℃, the cooling temperature of 54. 5 ℃ using R22. Check R22 saturation temperature and saturation pressure corresponding to the table, in order to determine the evaporating pressure and the condensing pressure values. Conclusion look-up table: R22 in 7. 2 ℃ when the corresponding absolute pressure value is 0. 53Mpa( 5. 3kg/cm2) And 54. 5 ℃ when the corresponding absolute pressure value is 2. 11Mpa( 21. 1kg/cm2) , the pressure of the pressure value conversion for the table. With high and low pressure gauge or compound pressure gauge test fluorine filling in the refrigeration system, if the high pressure and low pressure table values conform to the scope that the refrigerant filling quantity appropriate; If the high and low pressure low indicates filling the quantity is not enough; If high and low pressure are high, it shows that filling the amount too much. Pressure measurement is relatively simple, often role in maintenance, but the downside is relatively coarse, accuracy is not high. 2, measuring weight. When filling freon, prepared a small platform scale, the refrigerant cylinders in a container, then into below 40 ℃ warm water in the container, Applicable to low pressure filling air conditioner refrigerant vapor) 。 Write down the cylinder before filling, the weight of the warm water and containers, pay attention to the pointer in the process of filling. When the reduction of refrigerant in the cylinder is equal to the filling quantity of needed to stop filling. Also can weigh the cylinder directly without heating water. 3, working current measurement. Use pliers type current meter measurement working current, refrigeration, environment temperature 35 ℃, measured by the working current and corresponding to the brand of the current. The higher the temperature, current increases accordingly, temperature, the lower current decrease accordingly. In the normal, two cooling fan, according to the working condition of air conditioner test under the condition of current value. 4, temperature measurement. Measured with semiconductor thermometer, liquid evaporator set of import and export, export and so on each point temperature, to determine how filled volume of the refrigerant. In the evaporator imported ( Capillary before 150 mm) The temperature difference between two points and export about 7? 8 ℃, the temperature of the liquid sets export shall be higher than 1 - at the exit of the evaporator 3℃。 If import and export of evaporator temperature difference is big, show that the capacity filling is not enough, if the suction frost period is too long or nearby compressor have frost phenomenon, suggests that refrigerant charging too much.
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