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How to deal with refrigerant leakage in precision air conditioners in computer rooms?

by:Arkool     2021-05-29

As we all know, the power density of equipment in the computer room is high, so the volume heat is high. The computer room for exchange and data still needs to be continuously cooled by air-conditioning compressors to meet the environmental temperature requirements of communication equipment. Alcohol aqueous solution is used as a refrigerant to exchange indoor and outdoor heat to avoid the operation of air-conditioning compressors. Due to the large number of welds on the left and right sides of the precision air-conditioning evaporator in the computer room, there may be more leakage points. The leakage of precision air-conditioning refrigerant is also common The main reason is that the employees of the air conditioner factory have poor welding skills. They put the welding rod on the welding joint without burning the copper tube red (the temperature did not reach 600℃~700℃), and the copper tube and the solder could not be fused. Together, it will cause leakage in the welding joints, slag, and matt. Let's take a look at how to fix these leak points of air-conditioning refrigerant.

   The newly installed air conditioner in the computer room, close the outdoor unit end valve to eliminate the indoor unit atmosphere, the leaking sound of the indoor unit evaporator can occasionally be heard with ears, and the air conditioner leaks and evaporator solder joints can be seen. It is impossible to ignore and invent the leakage of the evaporator. It is better to remove it and weld it to prevent the heat flame from deforming the plastic shell of the evaporator, and helplessly explain to the user. The method of assembly is:

  1, find Quasi-leak point, make a mark.

  2. If there is another refrigerant in the refrigeration system, the refrigerant must be stored in the outdoor unit first.

  3. Use two 8-inch or 10-inch wrenches to remove the connection lock nut of the indoor unit, and remove the electrical box on the right side of the indoor unit.   4. Remove the firm pipes and splints on the back of the evaporator, and remove the positioning screws of the indoor evaporator.

  5. Slightly lift the pipe 20 from the back of the indoor unit with the left hand to move the evaporator forward. After pulling the evaporator 5cm out with your right hand, twist the evaporator 90 degrees with both hands and pull it out along the pipe. Pay attention to the operation with both hands and do not knock the fins down. After removing the evaporator, place it in a flat and clean place, and wipe off the oil spill with a dry cloth. The leakage point is welded with silver welding, after suppressing and introspecting, it is sure that there is no leakage, then install the evaporator back to the plastic frame of the indoor unit in the reverse order of assembly.

   Refrigerant positive and negative pressure sampling and density determination

  (1) Positive pressure sampling

   Most of the lithium bromide absorption computer room air conditioning units (cold and hot water units) The equipped solution pump has a higher pressure, the dilute solution can be sampled under positive pressure conditions, and the equipment and connections required for positive pressure sampling. (2) Negative pressure sampling

   The internal pressure of the lithium bromide absorption computer room air conditioning refrigeration unit (cold and hot water unit) is lower than the atmospheric pressure. When the refrigerant is sampled, the pressure of the refrigerant pump is lower. The outlet pressure is still lower than atmospheric pressure, and sampling is required under negative pressure conditions. With the help of vacuum drawn by the vacuum pump, the refrigerant water is drawn out. The pressure of the concentrated solution is also lower than atmospheric pressure. If sampling is required, the same needs to be under negative pressure conditions Downsampling. Some lithium bromide absorption units (cold and hot water units) are equipped with solution pumps with lower pressure, and dilute solutions also require negative pressure sampling. Negative pressure sampling equipment and its connections, during the operation, management and maintenance of the unit, the refrigerant water or concentrated solution sampled by the dry is less. If it is inconvenient to use a wide-mouth bottle, a sampler can be used instead of the wide-mouth bottle.

  (3) Density measurement

   The density measurement of lithium bromide solution is to determine the concentration of the solution. The three parameters of concentration, temperature and density are directly related to determine the density and temperature, namely The concentration of the solution can be determined. The lithium bromide solution should be measured as soon as possible after being poured into the measuring tank. When measuring, the thermometer and the density meter must be inserted into the measuring tank at the same time and read at the same time. (4) Computer room air conditioner

   After measuring the temperature and density, for example, if the measured temperature is 30°C and the density is 1560kg/m3, find 30°C as a vertical line on the horizontal coordinate, and find the vertical line on the vertical coordinate. A horizontal line of 1560kg/m3 is drawn, and the mass concentration of the lithium bromide solution (ie, mass fraction) is 52% from the intersection of the two lines.

Several leakage points of    refrigerant and repair methods:

   (1) Low pressure bypass valve core refrigerant leakage

  The refrigeration system of split air conditioner compensates for refrigeration The agent (commonly known as fluoride) must be refilled from the low-pressure bypass. Use the gas filling pipe with thimble to open the low-pressure gas filling valve stem, connect the r22 refrigerant gas of the refrigerant cylinder and the air conditioner refrigerant gas, and then the filling can be finished.

  The reason for the leakage of the valve core is: the ejector needle of the air filling pipe is too long, and the ejector needle of the bypass valve cannot bounce back after being pushed out, so that the valve core cannot be reset. The way to eliminate it is to insert the key of the public air conditioner into the refueling valve core, and give the valve core a force to make the spring of the valve core pop out, which can eliminate the leakage of the valve core.  (2) Refrigerant leaks in dented pipelines

  Four-folded pipeline leaks mostly appear after home renovations. Some decoration workers do not understand that there is refrigerant in the refrigeration pipeline; they bend at will, because the pipeline has an insulation sleeve, it is not easy to be invented after bending. After the pipeline collapsed, the refrigerant was leaked, and the system was turned on again to add fluoride, and the refrigeration system showed symptoms of two shutoffs.

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