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How to correctly choose R410A refrigerant -

by:Arkool     2020-07-21
For a large refrigeration system, require the unit volume of refrigerant R410a refrigerating capacity as large as possible. When the refrigerating effect must be so, can reduce the flow of refrigerant R410a, narrowing the size of the refrigerating machine and the pipe diameter. But for small refrigeration system, which requires the refrigerating capacity is small, the unit volume that can be appropriately increase the channel section of refrigerant R410a, reduce the flow resistance. For centrifugal compressor, relative molecular mass should be adopted for the moderate refrigerants. Because of the relative molecular mass can increase each level step-up ratio, pressure ratio of the system must have, can reduce the compression series. In addition, most of the material under the boiling vaporization, the molar bean similar increases. So the similar to the boiling point of R410a refrigerant, high relative molecular mass, the latent heat of vaporization is small. Coefficient of thermal conductivity. This can increase the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchange equipment, reduce the heat transfer area of the heat exchange equipment.
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