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How to add refrigerant to the refrigerator? The original is not difficult to

by:Arkool     2020-07-18
Is obtained by refrigerant refrigeration and air conditioning, are implemented. Some people said: refrigerants, oneself the home refrigerator did not actually buy the refrigerator the refrigerator in the refrigerant is enough, so just put into use the refrigerator does not need to add refrigerant, stay refrigerant did not have to, that how to add refrigerant to the refrigerator? We bring together to look at! 1, first set up system, high and low pressure valve closed the first; Low voltage interface need to refrigerator and blue pipe, quick joint of low pressure and connected to the system low voltage test of the refrigerator and the lock; Then the high pressure interface, red tube, high pressure quick connector connected to high voltage test and system and lock them; Then will be loaded with interfaces, yellow tube and vacuum pump connecting them and tightening. 2, refrigerator system of vacuum extraction, this step must be carried out under normal pressure in the system, but should first for pressure relief system. After finish the refrigerator system connection, first open the vacuum pump, open the high and low pressure valves, even at the same time and then ( Open the quick joint of high and low pressure) , when the system start time; A certain period of time ( About 10 ~ 30 min) Check whether system completely after vacuum, if not vacuum should check the system after the leak and repair time; At the same time close the high and low pressure valve, then close the vacuum pump; The holding 3 - ~ 5 min, check the system whether there is leakage; 3, charging refrigerant system, the yellow tube connected to the vacuum pump off, and then received the refrigerant to tighten the bottle; First open the refrigerant cylinder ( Positive place) Group, and then open the table top valve core of yellow tube of the air, then reverse refrigerant bottle and put away; At the same time open the high and low pressure valves, add refrigerant system, to the specified amount ( According to the manufacturer to provide each system filling amount) When close the high and low pressure valves, is refrigerant cylinder at the same time. 4, confirm the charging effect, the first open system work; A certain period of time ( About 5 ~ 10 min) After checking system of high and low pressure is normal, Reference system specification) 。 If the deficiency should be in the running state slowly open the low-pressure valve ( At this time do not open the high-pressure valve) , add right amount of refrigerant gas ( The cylinder is placed state) Closed after low pressure valves, test again; If too high, the cylinders should be closed, slowly open the high pressure valve, valve core from table group in a moderate amount of refrigerant emissions ( At this time should be paid attention to squirt refrigerant hurt) , closed after high pressure valves, test again; As to and fro until the normal. 5, closed system, first close the refrigerant bottle and high and low pressure fast connection, row from the table set of valve core as table set the remaining refrigerant ( At this time should be paid attention to squirt refrigerant hurt) And then unloaded fast connection (high and low voltage Now pay attention to the high temperature hot) Bottle, refrigerant, unload three color tubes, safekeeping. How to add refrigerant refrigerators, mainly is the refrigerant system connected with the refrigerator, under the corresponding steps add refrigerant. If your refrigerator is not familiar with, must be looking for professionals to add refrigerant oh, must pay attention to safety!
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