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How to add refrigerant freezer, refrigerator of refrigerant charging knowledge

by:Arkool     2020-07-30
Refrigerators and air conditioners, problems will inevitably be a period of time of use, many friends often ask don't know the refrigerant, refrigerant have poison, in the process of filling can endanger human body health, are there any poison, refrigerator refrigerants what to add, you know? We introduce the refrigerator refrigerant adding methods for you. Refrigerator refrigerants to add 1, when add refrigerator refrigerants should guarantee system has been down, after connection of the system. 2, at the time of system connection should be closed, high and low pressure valves, the system of high and low pressure test connection lock at the same time, connect the vacuum pump at the same time to tighten the filling interfaces. 3, vacuumizing system must first open the high and low pressure valves, the system starts on time, after a period of time again check to see if the system has been completely vacuum, then close the high and low pressure valves, and finally close the vacuum pump. 4, when add refrigerant will yellow tube and the connection between the vacuum pump off, connected to the refrigerant after twist on the bottle. 5, and then open the refrigerant bottle first, then open the table set on the valve core will yellow tube, the air after reverse refrigerant cylinder at the same time. 6, open the high and low pressure valves, supplying the system with refrigerant, such as at the end of the specified amount to close high and low pressure valves, at the same time, the refrigerant cylinder. Refrigerator refrigerant toxic? What the earliest it is the main component of ammonia refrigerants, refrigerator have certain toxicity, the other for a long time when inhaled can cause of poisoning phenomenon, but this kind of refrigerant replaced by freon, freon refrigerant when using won't produce harm to human body but can cause damage to the ozone layer, in order to be able to better protect the environment to enhance the cooling effect of freezer, freon refrigerant also gradually is now replaced with the new refrigerator refrigerants. Use of new refrigerant non-toxic, does not produce any harm to human body, the only need to pay attention to is when to add refrigerant need to be very careful, if you add it easy combustion and explosion. So if you have related testing instrument, and installation tools, can refill refrigerants, won't have too big problem. But if there is no contact with relevant industry, suggest looking for a professional after-sales service centers to add, add too little, too much, don't cause refrigerant leakage situation, summed up the refrigerator refill of knowledge, is for reference only!
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