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How to add fluoride (refrigerators R600a refrigerant) _ tutorial parsing

by:Arkool     2020-07-02
In our life, we will face problems of household appliances, such as, refrigerator if not refrigeration do? What reason is caused? If this problem is probably the refrigerator leakage fluorine, freon, refrigeration effect will be weakened, so the preservation of food will is easy to deteriorate, today we introduce how to add freon refrigerator and freezer for everybody and what methods of fluoride? Talk to you together. Refrigerator and fluorine is outdated error, general use of hydrocarbon refrigerants R600A not containing fluorine, do not belong to the freon, the correct address should be 'refrigerator and cold media' or 'add refrigerant' fridge. Refrigerator power is small, the refrigeration system is closed, is not easily out of order, normally no refrigeration condition, most of the reasons is the lack of refrigerant, the need to 'add fluoride'. In the whole process of refrigerator maintenance as the most important one is how to accurate filling refrigerant. This is a critical step in affecting the service life of the compressor. If insufficient or injection too much water after sealing discovered, have to deal with again and again is very troublesome, also a waste of time and money. Add excessive fluoride machine over time, serious muffler is icy, also cause compressor wet stroke, easy to damage the valve. The refrigerator temperature drop down, or slow cooling, easy to cause the machine doesn't stop, and refrigeration result is bad. Note too little, can't back to high temperatures, and the compression airland temperature ( Note: the refrigerator freezer compressor is to use the gas refrigerant to cool the back) Compressor is hot, high temperature lubricating oil metamorphism, easy to cause the compressor cylinder, further will burn compressor. Thus it can be seen that both blunt note more or less, will be easy to repair. How to rush note right? After the general approach is to take time to refill gas tank balance and close the valve after about start refrigerator, running after all the freezer to cool to below zero, downtime. About three minutes later, boot up again. For about 20 to 60 seconds, compressor muffler can appear a frosting process, the frosting process lasts for about a minute long, and then melt. And after that, no longer frost, to note right. If this period of time, the frost formation process, not rushed injection quantity is less, need to add refrigerant. If the frost had not charging too much, need to be put off part of the refrigerant. Add fluoride (refrigerator Charging refrigerant) Several methods of 1, quantitative fluoridated: quantitative filling method is simple, is to use a dedicated quantitative liquid receiver, amount of charging as stipulated in the refrigerator nameplate for filling R600A refrigerants. 2, observation method and fluorine: observation method can be summarized as 'two the three touch'. In the refrigerator work an hour later: 1) 。 The pressure gauge. Summer low pressure control in commonly 0. 05 million mpa - 0. 07 million mpa, control at zero in the winter. 02 million mpa - 0. 04 million mpa, the pressure is too high is refrigerator R600A freon add much, low pressure means less R600A refrigerants, need filling. 2) 。 The frosting condition. If the refrigerator all frost that refrigerator R600A refrigerants and get about the same, if only partially frost refrigerator R600A refrigerant less, need filling. 3. With the hand to touch, 1) Touch the temperature of the condenser. If the fridge R600A freon add too much, the condenser will be hot, too little will not fever; ( 2) Touch of low-pressure back into the trachea. If muffler has a cool feeling, the normal, if back to the trachea frost, refrigerator R600A freon is overmuch, if the muffler is not cool, explain the fridge R600A refrigerant is insufficient, will need to refill this time; ( 3) Touch the filters and the temperature of the capillary. If filter drier temperature is too high, the refrigerator R600A refrigerant too much, if there is a thermal, normal, if not a fever, insufficient R600A refrigerants. 3, current measurement method of current measurement method is to use ammeter monitoring current, when the current reaches the rated current of freezer, the refrigerant filling quantity is normal, if too large, then R600A too much, if the current is small, the insufficient R600A refrigerants.
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