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How simple and quickly identify counterfeit and shoddy products

by:Arkool     2020-08-08

Nearly a period of time the price of refrigerant has been in a rising stage, many criminals take this period, the sale of counterfeit goods to profiteering; Not only disrupt the normal market order, and the use of refrigerant machine has a considerable influence, cause needless loss to our customers, is really hateful. Not prevent customers under the premise of don't know use the fake and shoddy products disturb normal rhythm, we specially from group found the following to identify fake hair product manual method.

 1, packing: and other kinds of fake and shoddy products, because the problem of enterprise strength, fake and inferior products packaging printing generally are vague, or simply pretend to be a genuine phoney, product from the packaging can really let people feel good '' well, this consignment. 

 2, the valve handle: series of products are marked on the valve handle LOGO graphic ( Wear of individual phenomenon does not exclude the transit) 。

 3, the valve stem, and valve handle, products also have a LOGO on the valve stem seal, and the seal will have wear during the transit. 

 4, if the above methods are used the product still not sure of the true and false, that there is a last resort, the product has a product on the outer packing information window with anti-counterfeiting query tags, qr code, can be uncovered code query, is very convenient. Above is we collected to identify products of true and false, hope I can help you. Another plug an AD, our company supply products are surely of original quality goods, complete specifications, plentiful welcome inquiry; Contact:.
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