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How often do the inside of the air conditioning air conditioning refrigerant in?

by:Arkool     2020-07-08
In the summer, the status of air conditioning believe that there is no other electrical appliances product can shake. Under the high temperature of the outside world, lying in the house to blow air conditioning, it is also a kind of extreme enjoyment. But many people will face such a problem, air conditioning gave an issue, refrigeration capacity declined. At that time, everyone will choose to & other; Add fluorine & throughout; Is the air conditioning refrigerant. But in fact, air conditioning refrigerant how long need to change again? Small make up today to just tell you, in fact, for the air conditioning on market, under normal circumstances is not to need to add fluoride. In some time ago, gree electric appliances of female dong mingzhu also once said that air conditioning is not to need to add air conditioning refrigerant. This is because the air conditioning in use process, the line of the refrigerant is not with the outside world into the hot air and discharge air contact. If the pipe outlet closely enough, refrigerant from inside the air conditioning will not leak. Therefore, for air conditioning product quality excellent, perhaps from the first time after the injection of air conditioning refrigerant, it & other; Throughout the rest of my life &; No longer need to add fluoride. In spite of this, we was often found in the process of using air conditioning refrigeration capacity decline. This situation will happen, or because the amount of refrigerant is not enough. If the distance is the last one plus fluorine time is very short, so try not to add fluoride, immediately can contact professional air-conditioning maintenance personnel, testing internal line, detect presence of funnelled. In daily life, therefore, we can add refrigerant have been used in a few years of air-conditioning products, do not need every summer for air-conditioning and fluorine. If the refrigeration capacity of air conditioning and not to drop, can increase a refrigerant in 2 ~ 3 years.
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