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How much money vehicle freon, automotive air conditioning refrigerant much money

by:Arkool     2020-05-24
Automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, there are many reasons, but most are due to lack of freon cooling agent. Vehicles in use process, with the passage of time, most of the automotive spare parts can have different degrees of aging, stored refrigerant container sealing performance will become worse, coolant leaks occur, and the decrease of the coolant will directly lead to the refrigeration effect is poor. Therefore, we need to complement in time, how much is the car charger freon? All of the currently used refrigerants are all freon products, automotive air conditioner freon refrigerant into CFCS products, hydrogen CFCS products ( R22, R123, R141b and R142b, etc. ) , hydrogen fluoride hydrocarbons ( Everything, R125, R32, R407C, R410A, R152, etc. ) And mixed refrigerants four categories. CFCS products have damage to the ozone layer, is banned, now more use hydrogen fluoride hydrocarbons ( R134A) In the 30 -, the general price 50 yuan a bottle, and the amount of filling of each car is different, usually need about 3 bottles, to store a price in about 200 yuan. Due to the filling fluorinated requires special tools and machinery, more Suggestions to professional repair shop or 4 s shops, of course. 4 s shops generally expensive point, and to the repair shop the price will be cheaper, but the phenomenon is shoddy, suggested that comes with the product. Automotive air conditioning refrigerant does not have a fixed replacement cycle, need according to the specific usage and each car air conditioning refrigeration effect. If the car air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, need to check, if it is caused by a lack of coolant, may need to be done in time complement filling. As long as the car maintenance is proper, in normal driving environment and individual driving habits good cases, generally three or four years is not to need to add the car air conditioning refrigerant.
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